Horse Mutilation, Moose & Monarch Losses, & Mystery Booms

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Horse Mutilation, Moose & Monarch Losses, & Mystery Booms

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the baffling mutilation of a horse in TN, an accelerating die-off of the moose population, a decrease in Monarch butterflies, and the continuation of the mysterious booms. On November 9, 2013 a pastured horse in Fairview, TN was found dead with strange bloodless mutilations. Linda spoke with the horse's owner Terry MacIlvain, who said the gelding named Bomber had been he and his wife's companion for more than 20 years. The horse's left ear was removed in a precision cut, and though the MacIlvain's had infrared security cameras on their property, nothing triggered the cameras the night of the incident. However, the cameras caught what looks light a beam shining on another horse in the pasture, both in September and October 2013. It's been suggested that the perpetrators of worldwide animal mutilations use beams that can lift and lower mutilated animals, Linda pointed out. Further details at Earthfiles and FOX 17 News.

Currently moose in Minnesota, the northeast and Canada are dying off at such a rate that the big animals could completely disappear in the near future from regions where moose have thrived for centuries. She spoke with author Jim Robbins who cited climate change as a possible factor, and detailed how a moose in British Columbia wandered into a Safeway starving, covered with ticks, and trying to eat flowers inside the store. More info.

Monarch butterfly migration is now at its lowest levels on record, Linda reported. Monarch watchers expected to see Mexico trees filled with the orange and black creatures by November 1st this year, but there were none. By November 6th, a few were seen in a tree by locals and then the butterflies were gone again. In an interview with biologist Lincoln Brower, he noted that industrialized agriculture in the United States, especially the development of genetically engineered corn and soybean crops (GMOs) has killed off monarch breeding grounds in the milkweeds. See full report.

Incidences of loud mystery booms have picked up again, especially in Kentucky and Illinois. Linda talked to various "earwitnesses," such as Richard Herrell and Ashley Goodlett of Louisville, who said it sounded like an explosion in their backyard. Deerfield, Ill. resident Jon Stewart described a thunderous boom heard over his house, which then seemed to travel a half a mile away toward Lake Michigan. She also received an email from a retired naval flight officer, Mark Wood, in Boca Raton, FL who recently experienced two inexplicable and extremely powerful pressure waves. More.

Bigfoot Update

First hour guest, researcher Rhettman Mullis shared updates on the search for Bigfoot, and related hybrids. He reported that Prof. Bryan Sykes' DNA testing has so far only found known animals in the possible Bigfoot samples he's worked with. Mullis also spoke about the possibility of Bigfoot hybrids which indigenous tribes have described in their oral histories. Three possible 'hybrids' are currently being studied-- they are the descendants of 'Patrick'-- the supposed offspring of an Indian mother and Bigfoot father born near the turn of the 20th century, he detailed.

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