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Filling in for George, John B. Wells presided over an evening of Open Lines. Damon in Lee Summit, Missouri shared UFO secrets discovered by his father, who served in Army Intelligence. According to Damon, his dad and some friends broke into a general's office and discovered "some Majestic-12 documents." These files, he said, detailed the UFO craft retrieval effort that took place in Roswell and included photos of the downed craft as well as alien bodies. Stunningly, attached to the file and contained within a plastic bag, was "a sample of material" from the crash. This metal, Damon's father told him, could be crumpled up and would then return to its original form, much like what was described by the Roswell witnesses who originally stumbled upon the debris field in 1947.

Later in the evening, Mike in South Dakota called in to the program to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding airport security. He explained that he works at an airport alongside TSA agents and "it's actually not as bad as people might think." Based on his experience, Mike observed that "federal agents at the lowest level" are relatively benign compared to their superiors who send orders down the chain of command. Additionally, he dismissed "these horror stories" that are often told about airport incidents and claimed that he's kept more unruly passengers out of jail rather than having them arrested although "sometimes you guys make it really, really hard."

Other callers during the program included Derek in Michigan, who expressed concern that everyday people do not seem to be worried about the radiation still emanating from Fukushima. Much to his dismay, Derek said, his friends and coworkers continually disregard his warnings about the potential longterm effects of the event. Kathy in Alaska cautioned about food imported from China because manufacturers there can create synthetic eggs, "shell and all," which are so well made that "you can't tell if they are real or not." Jeff in Ann Arbor mused about the moral contrast between Thanksgiving and Black Friday, noting that people seem more interested in waiting in line all night to buy products they can't afford while fighting their fellow consumers in a quest to "get what they don't have instead of being thankful for what they do have."

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