Biometrics & the End Times

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Biometrics & the End Times

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John B. Wells was joined by researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn, and retired intelligence analyst, Terry Cook, for a discussion on biometric identification technology and how it connects to the New World Order and the End Times. They warned that a biometric identification system is being developed which will catalog the iris, face, and fingerprint of every person on the planet. Horn cited a recent paper, written by a Duke University professor, which outlines this very agenda that is underway. The publication, which he said "provides the blueprint, literally, for the 'mark of the beast,'" details how the ultimate plan will make it impossible for people to perform basic daily functions without being a part of the identification system.

Tying biometrics to an even more sinister element, they observed that the leading companies in the industry have named themselves after "ancient demons related to the enslavement of mankind." To that end, Horn pointed to the company Kronos, which shares its name with an ancient demonic deity that sacrificed children. Additionally, he noted that Proteus Digital Health, which is developing and marketing an ingestible microchip, has the same moniker as a primordial, shapeshifting God which could both influence the consciousness of an individual as well as mutate them. "You know when they pick these names, they didn't just draw them out of the air," he said, "they pick them for a purpose."

While Horn advised that "digital slavery should be of concern to people of all faiths, any faiths, or no faith whatsoever," the duo foresees it as being part of a much larger plan aimed at ushering in a Satanic New World Order. As such, Cook dismissed mainstream appellations such as communism or socialism which may be tied to the NWO, since it will merely be "Satanism in disguise with political labels." According to him, the New World Order era will be a paradigm shift into total chaos that will last for seven years until the judgment day. "This is the final call, ladies and gentlemen," Cook declared, "this is not a joke." Therefore, Horn called for greater awareness of the potential dangers which may emerge via a national biometric system, which he stressed is "coming if people don't cast light on it."


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