Martian Formations

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Martian Formations

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Founding investigator of The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders discussed their analysis of geoglyphic formations on Mars which indicate that an ET civilization visited the planet. Interestingly, they don't conclude that there was necessarily life on Mars, but that the visitors created their structures on a dead world. The images correlate with the creation mythology of the cultures of Meso-America, such as the Maya, noted Haas.

Among the images Haas & Saunders provided for analysis are a dolphin incised into the landscape about 3 kilometers in length at Cydonia, and a nearby mirrored square and compass that is like a mosaic made of rocks, rather than a carving. A possible connection to Freemasonry comes from a lodge in Scotland that uses both the dolphin and compass & square in their emblem, Haas detailed.

One of the most striking geoglyphs is that of a parrot seen in a Mars Global Surveyor photo. The image was examined by veterinarians and avian experts who found 17 points of anatomical correctness, Haas reported, adding that the parrot is the principle bird deity for the Maya, and is involved in their creation myth. If Mars explorers from Earth were to view these geoglyphs in person they might believe they were natural formations, but that is because, like the Nazca lines, they can only be deciphered from 250 miles above the surface, Saunders pointed out. For more, visit

Paranormal Investigations Technique

First hour guest, author Joshua P. Warren talked about his groundbreaking new technique in paranormal investigation, which incorporates gravitational changes into the instrumentation. He also spoke about the concept of tulpas, thought forms that can be conjured into existence and are sometimes of a negative nature. Warren is currently collecting short accounts from the public for his Creepy Little Tales project.

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