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Evidence for Ghosts & Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed author Kathleen Berry for a discussion on evidence for ghosts and the paranormal. Berry spoke about how her Christian background had informed her initial skepticism and ambivalence in the paranormal world. "I thought it was nonsense and there was no such thing... if ghosts did exist, they had to be evil," she said. Berry shared her unforgettable experiences when she joined a television news crew and a group of paranormal investigators as an impartial observer on an overnight trip to a haunted hotel in Nevada.

The historic Goldfield Hotel was built in 1907, closed down in the 1940s and is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in the country, she explained. Berry recalled being led upstairs to the 'vortex room'—thought to be the source of the hotel's paranormal activity. She said the group heard loud sounds of people walking up steps but found no one there upon investigation. Berry claimed to have been physically touched by a hotel spirit as well as witnessed other unexplainable phenomena, including hearing voices from EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings.

She credited her experiences at the Goldfield Hotel for opening her third eye and accelerating her spiritual growth. According to Berry, numerous good things happened afterward, she was able to tap into an unseen energy force and felt more connected than ever to people and God. Her heightened psychic abilities diminished some after three months, she admitted. Berry also lamented that it took so long for her to awaken but she now believes that ghost absolutely exist, our departed loved ones do visit us, and anything is possible.


During Open Lines, Brandon from New Mexico recounted details from a strange experience he had while living in a mobile home park in Bakersfield, California. According to Brandon, one night as he was washing dishes, a skeleton dressed as an Aztec warrior princess appeared and then vanished. Brandon said he looked outside for it and saw what he thinks was Saint Dymphna, patron saint of the mentally ill. She was wearing a Celtic crown of gold, had a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other, he remembered. Brandon believes the encounter was a warning from God to discontinue his interest in Occult-related things.

Walt in Connecticut recalled the time a mysterious woman dressed in hippie garb approached him on the street and encouraged him to "be at peace, spread love and do not worry." Walt said he turned to look behind him for a moment and when he turned back around the woman had vanished. Similar occurrences happen on a fairly regular basis, he added. A former Navy pilot from Boise, Idaho, shared some strange experiences he had flying a P-3 aircraft that had been used to transport fallen sailors. Certain avionic equipment would inexplicably power on, he said, suggesting that the malfunctions were caused by the ghosts of his fallen seafaring brothers having some fun.

The final half-hour featured a special tribute to late Coast guest, theologian Patrick Heron.

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