Strange Booms, Wanaque UFO, GMOs, & Economic Inequity

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Strange Booms, Wanaque UFO, GMOs, & Economic Inequity

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented an update on the loud unexplained booms, and discussed the 48th anniversary of an astonishing UFO case, the recent General Mills announcement that the company will no longer use GMOs in Cheerios, and the disclosure that the world’s richest 85 people now control half the world's wealth.

House-shaking, loud unexplained booms persist in many parts of the U.S, along with a horn/trumpet-like sound. In her first report, Linda interviewed a couple in Milton, Vermont, and another couple in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who both heard similar horn sounds that scared them. The Vermont couple, Denise and Dana McKenna, were disturbed by the sound of horns coming from the sky at 2:15AM on December 23, 2013. "It sounded like someone blowing into a soda bottle, like that WHOOOOOOOOOOO!. But it had different tones to it. It's kind of creepy actually to me – almost like a warning or something. I can't even explain it," Denise said. Monika Andre of Calgary heard the inexplicable sound on January 9, 2014, and described it as like scraping metal and tornadoes approaching, as though something were about to fall out of the sky. More, including audio, here.

January 2014 is the 48th anniversary of one of the most astonishing UFO appearances in United States history, but very few people know about it because military units almost immediately descended on Wanaque, New Jersey, with radar and other technology in January 1966, and warned eyewitnesses to never talk about the aerial disc that put a "solid beam" of light down on a frozen reservoir and drilled a hole down to the water, she detailed. Further, the high strangeness in Wanaque persisted into the next year, and Linda spoke with Michael Kuzmicz, 69, a retired New York City radio broadcaster, who investigated the case in July 1967, and witnessed an underwater craft in the Wanaque Reservoir, and experienced missing time, and a sinister telepathic communication. More.

On January 3, 2014, General Mills announced that the company will no longer use genetically engineered starches and sugars in its most popular cereal Cheerios. This switch came after consumer activists worked for a year to convince General Mills to lead the way in letting the world know the food giant was willing to start eliminating genetically modified ingredients. In her conversation with Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, he outlined how there is growing scientific and medical evidence that GMOs threaten long-term health of plants, animals and even humans, and that Monsanto is aggressively pushing "exterminator seeds" that will grow only one season. Further info.

In Linda's last report, she looked at the increasing economic inequity between the haves and have nots. Oxfam reported that the world's richest 85 people now control $1.7 trillion, equal to the poorest half of the world’s entire 7 billion population. Further, a recent study of The Netherland's Bureau VanDijk Orbis database of 43,060 transnational corporations discovered that 730 shareholders control a whopping 80% of the entire revenue of the Orbis network studied. Whether the complaint is 1% of the world controls and manipulates the other 99%, or even 20% control 80% of the world's population, the study discovered an economic surprise: minority dominance over majority "is simply the Law of Scale that produces 20% to 80% dominance in everything from the barter system to cell chemistry in your body." She interviewed the report's author, systems theorist James Glattfelder, who provided further analysis. More here.

Prophecy & America

First hour guest, author and professor of biblical prophecy, Paul McGuire, talked about the future of America, and living in prophetic times. He believes we're seeing a convergence and acceleration of changes to society, climate, and the economy unparalleled in human history, and that the year 2014 is a critical time. We may experience a huge event (or more than one), and one of the hallmarks of it will be that people will say 'I can't believe this is happening,' he suggested. McGuire also posited that there is a secret occult plan for America to become the new Atlantis, and head of the New World Order.

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In tandem with her 1/30/14 appearance, Linda Moulton Howe share this image, which she describes "as probably one of the photographs taken the night of January 11, 1966 that escaped the military confiscation." The disc-shaped craft was seen to put a beam down into the Wanaque Reservoir ice and drill a hole.

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