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Author, and paranormal investigator David Weatherly discussed his fascinating work on the Black Eyed Children phenomenon, and his new research on various entity encounters including the Djinn, Shadow People, and other humanoids such as the Slenderman. "I don't believe for a moment that they're actual children," Weatherly said about the chilling entities which have become increasingly reported in recent years. According to witnesses who have encountered these 'children,' the beings appear to be between 8 and 13 years old, sport pale or pasty skin, and have solid black eyes. Their behavior, he said, is equally troubling as the Black Eyed Children repeatedly request, in a cold and monotonous tone, to be "invited in" by the witnesses who encounter them.

Although reports of Black Eyed Children continue to grow, Weatherly conceded that finding any sort of patterns to the phenomenon remains a challenge. That said, he did note that they seem to commonly appear around the early evening and often visit people in positions of authority, such as police officers, military members, or government workers. In the rare instances where someone has had physical contact with the entities, Weatherly revealed, the beings are described as feeling "ice cold" and the interaction appears to cause people to suffer physical illness or personal misfortune soon after the experience. While the most popular theory surrounding the Black Eyed Children is that they are alien hybrids or demons, Weatherly opined that they are some kind of interdimensional being that feeds off of the fear that they produce in their victims.

Regarding the Djinn, he observed that the increased US military presence in the Middle East has resulted in an explosion of interest in the entities as they become more well known. According to Weatherly, he frequently hears from soldiers who return to the States with souvenirs, such as jewelry bought at a local market and said to be "enchanted with the powerful Djinn," and subsequently suffer from strange poltergeist activity in their home or illnesses in their family. On Shadow People, Weatherly noted that reports of physical contact with the entities have recently begun to surface. To that end, he shared the story of a man who first spotted a shadow being out of the corner of his eye and, over time, it got more brazen and started to touch him. The experience culminated, he said, with a physical attack where the Shadow Person attempted to drag the man under a bed.

Alcohol-Based Fuel

In the first hour, ecological biologist, David Blume, provided an update on his work raising awareness about the benefits of alcohol-based fuel. He praised the Environmental Protection Agency for recommending that the percentage of alcohol in gasoline should be raised from 15 to 30 percent, despite attempts by the petroleum industry to stifle such regulations. Since the United States gets 30 percent of its oil from the Middle East, Blume contended that this increase of alcohol in gasoline would eliminate energy dependence on that volatile region of the world. Additionally, he pointed to an increased interest in alcohol-based fuels from both civic groups and the investment community as the price of gasoline continues to rise and its negative environmental impact becomes more evident.

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