Remote Viewing / Billy Meier UFO Case

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Remote Viewing / Billy Meier UFO Case

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In the first half of the program, guest host Rob Simone (email) welcomed Dr. Simeon Hein, director of the Institute for Resonance, for a discussion on his research into remote viewing (RV), dark energy, and planetary intelligence. "The best way to use RV is to focus on the things you are already good at and learn how to be better at those skills," he suggested. Hein explained that this process, which he calls 'Human Fusion,' has the remote viewer look ahead to a future where they have already mastered a particular talent and then "almost use your future self as a coach to see what you did to become successful." Based on his work with 'Human Fusion,' Hein theorized that the process works well because information obtained via remote viewing seems to be easier to gather if it has a personal connection with the viewer.

Regarding planetary intelligence, Hein traced his interest in the subject to the remarkable nature of indigenous peoples to predict natural disasters and, therefore, survive. In turn, he observed that, for people in the Western World, which has become inundated with technological distractions, this connection to nature has been largely forgotten. Therefore, Hein advised that people slow down their lives and begin paying closer attention to nature in order to learn from the signals that the planet is trying to share with us. He surmised that such a change would result in changes in brain chemistry which will improve lives. To that end, he pointed to recent studies on 'green exercise,' where people undertake workout activities in nature, have shown a measurable increase in mental health and memory.


In the latter half, Michael Horn, spokesperson for UFO contactee Billy Meier, talked about the controversy that continues to swirl around the infamous case as well as messages allegedly imparted to Meier concerning the dangers facing humanity. "The Billy Meier UFO case," Horn declared, "is what the UFO cover-up is actually, really, and completely about." To that end, he lamented that the case receives little attention from the mainstream media and even 'alternative' paranormal programming which regularly cover UFO stories such as Roswell and abductions. The case is so troubling to the 'powers that be,' Horn contended, that attempts to get his new film about the case shown at Arizona State University resulted in the movie being "banned" by the Philosophy and Religion department there.

Regarding the predictions of Meier, Horn stressed that the prophecies center around warning the human race to improve our treatment of the planet. According to Horn, the ETs told Meier that they lost 43 million of their people due to misuse of atomic energy. In turn, they advised that the solution to the planet's energy needs could come from deep geothermal energy, which comes from within the Earth in the form of heat. Chillingly, Horn cited messages from the ETs to Meier which cautioned that, in our current era, natural disasters and catastrophes would occur more frequently, but will be quickly forgotten in an effort to rebuild, eerily mirroring the public reaction to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Fukushima meltdown among other recent calamities.


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