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Tribute to Dr. Roger Leir

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Live from Boise, Idaho, George was joined by friends and associates of Dr. Roger Leir for a tribute to the late ufologist and implant removal pioneer. Researcher Jason Martel remembered when he and Leir were at the home of a special effects artist who had meticulously crafted a replica of Whitley Strieber's ear for Leir to recreate the surgery he had performed on the famous Communion author. During that operation Strieber's implant moved when Leir attempted to grab it, Martel noted.

Author L. A. Marzulli recalled Leir joking at one particular implant removal surgery about how much he hated the sight of blood and, after prayer helped locate the object in question, acknowledging that a supernatural component must be at work in UFO phenomenon. "When they started to lower the casket his daughter really lost it and we all choked up... we've lost an incredible colleague, a friend, a mentor," he said. Marzulli, who produces the Watchers series, announced that Watchers 8 will be dedicated to Leir.

Journalist and C2C host George Knapp described Leir as a fine gentleman and walking proof that there is a legitimate mystery surrounding these anomalous objects. He put up with a lot of grief from the skeptics to pursue this research, Knapp added. Scientist Steve Colbern, who assisted Leir in the analysis of the removed objects, believes unequivocally that "the materials apparently came from off planet." Colbern said he will continue implant research to honor his departed colleague's legacy.

Alice Levy, a friend of Dr. Leir for 20 years, said "there was none other like him... a wonderful human being." Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist specializing in regression therapy for patients who claim encounters with aliens described Leir as welcoming and friendly as well as a daring pioneer. Lamb attended some of the late doctor's implant removal surgeries and is convinced "the objects came from somewhere else, off planet."

UFO research pioneer Richard Dolan pointed out that not only was Leir a fantastic researcher but also a gracious and good man. Dolan revealed Leir's key role as an investigator in the Varginha, Brazil incident involving an apparent alien encounter and the Turkish UFOs recorded on video over the Sea of Marmara. UFO researcher Stanton Friedman remarked about Leir's courage to get involved in a field of research that was detrimental to his medical practice.

Author Whitley Strieber talked about Leir's first implant removal surgery, calling it "one of the most moving and extraordinary experiences of my life." There was a conspicuous scoop mark scar and the object was encased in skin so the body would not reject it, he explained. According to Strieber, Leir's implant research provided absolute proof of extraterrestrial involvement with humans. He shared a story about one object composed of meteoric iron which apparently emitted an FM signal and became X-ray invisible whenever it was scanned.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell briefly discussed Leir's research and his new film devoted to the implant mystery. Corbell indicated that Leir screened the majority of the final edit before he passed away and was quite pleased with it. Filmmaker Jose Escamilla revealed something many might not have known about Leir: he was an accomplished organist and organ expert. Escamilla also said Leir could be seen in a rather humorous role in his upcoming film.

George also spoke with UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett, who credited Leir with helping to legitimized the issue of alien contact and bringing comfort to those who have had such experiences. Author and secret space program researcher Mike Bara and C2C guest host Rob Simone also shared their remembrances of Leir. For listeners interested in posting condolences or assisting the Leir family with funeral expenses, please visit

The third hour was devoted to Open Lines; the final hour featured a replay from 1/22/10.

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