EMF Dangers / Climate Controversy

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EMF Dangers / Climate Controversy

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In the first half, Martin Blank, currently a Special Lecturer in the department of physiology and biophysics at Columbia University, where he was an Associate Professor for forty years, discussed what electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from technology such as cell phones and WIFI does to our bodies after prolonged exposure. Even though we don't seem to physically react to such technologies, our cells respond to them, making special proteins they need for protection. This is the same response made by our cells when exposed to something like a toxin, he pointed out. "While we may think we're being protected by the regulations that limit what can be put out in the atmosphere, the fact of the matter is that the standards that have been set are just inadequate," he remarked.

When electromagnetic waves and signals interact with DNA, its code can go awry, and if that happens enough, this can lead to cell mutations, which is believed to be the first step in forming a cancer, Blank continued, adding that there are cases of people who frequently talked on their cell phones, and subsequently developed brain cancer. He advises people to turn off their cell phones, as well as their WIFI routers, when not being used, as this can reduce their overall exposure to EMF.


In the latter half, chairman of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, Tim Ball, argued that the issue of climate change has become politicized and exploited, and has led to the undermining of scientific objectivity. A small group of people saw environmentalism and global warming & climate change as a vehicle for a political agenda, but when the science showed that global warming wasn't really happening, they switched over to climate change, moving the "goalpost," he lamented. Further, this group has claimed that "carbon pollution" or man-made CO2 has caused the problem.

This group doesn't want to let go of their political agenda and keeps raising the ante-- they want people to be scared, and surrender all control to them, he continued. Ball says he's been lambasted for being a skeptic, yet maintaining a skeptical stance is really practicing good science, he suggested. Climate change is brought about by a number of different interacting natural cycles including the 11-year sunspot cycle, the changing orbit of the Earth around the sun, and the changing tilt of the Earth's axis, he's concluded.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, James Sanders


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