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ETs & the Seres Agenda

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Author and researcher of hidden truths, R. Scott Lemriel, spoke about a billion-year old prototypical special human race, the Seres, who seeded all humanoids, and highly evolved space-faring races throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies long ago. According to Lemriel's information, there are some 450 million benevolent space-faring races in just one quarter of the Milky Way. The Seres, who are around 18 to 25 ft. tall, recently announced they're returning, he said, and have a plan in place, working with other benevolent ETs to remove "negative control mechanisms that are implanted in the subconscious" of people in our galaxy without their awareness.

The Seres are bringing a tool from a higher reality that can be used to neutralize the evil and negativity that resides in people's electromagnetic field so that the natural abilities of advanced humans can return, he continued. On a normal human planet, these abilities include telepathy, photographic memory, out-of-body travel, and people live to at least a thousand years old, he added. Lemriel said this kind of hidden knowledge began to come to him as a child, when he received telepathic transmissions from benevolent ETs, and later had encounters with their flying craft.

He warned about a "grand deception" involving a secret world-wide government that was established after WWII by elite groups that were in contact with both benevolent and malevolent ETs. An offer by benevolent ETs for Earth to join the advanced galactic organization was turned down and instead a secret treaty with a malevolent ET ambassador was made with the US and the Soviet Union in exchange for extraterrestrial technology, he outlined.

Studying Psychopaths

First hour guest, science writer David Weiner discussed psychopathic disorders, and the traits of psychopaths. Psychopaths don't feel guilt or remorse about their negative actions, and this condition is equally common among women and men-- affecting about 1% of the population. There are two types of psychopaths-- high and low functioning-- higher functioning ones can be harder to spot because they are able to cover it up better, he noted. Sometimes the diagnosis can be made in a child as young as seven, and yet there is no real treatment currently, he said, because it's related to missing brain circuitry. According to a neuroscientist colleague of Weiner's, in the the future, it might be possible to inject a stem cell-type treatment into a psychopath, which could activate empathy, and remorse in the brain.

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