Brown Mountain Lights & Alien Abduction

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Brown Mountain Lights & Alien Abduction

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For decades, alien abduction has been reported around Brown Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina. Now the phenomenon is dramatized in the new film, ALIEN ABDUCTION, produced by Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction) and Mike Fleiss (Hostel) and directed by Matty Beckerman. In the first half of the program, Beckerman discussed how real events were tied into the film and Joshua P. Warren explained the true paranormal backstory as well as the role he played in the film.

For at least a century people have been seeing multi-colored illuminated spheres floating around the ridge at night, Warren said. "I've seen the lights myself... it's very real and very freaky," Beckerman added. According to Warren, the mysterious lights remain unexplained even though they have been investigated numerous times by various agencies of the US government. Beckerman suggested that the phenomenon is more significant than alleged events surrounding Area 51 and Roswell because people can actually go to Brown Mountain and observe the lights for themselves.

Beckerman described his new film as a fast-paced sci-fi thriller about a family who witnesses three lights in the sky during a camping trip. The movie includes actual interviews with real investigators, including Warren, he noted. Both men shared strange purportedly authentic accounts from the area. Beckerman reported on a husband and wife who recalled being lifted toward the ceiling and finding out from their daughter that they had been missing for an entire day. Warren recounted legends of Native Americans, as well as a plantation owner and his servant, who vanished from Brown Mountain. He also talked about abductee Ralph Lael, who claimed to have been repeatedly taken from the area by intelligent beings.

Open Lines

During Open Lines, Cathy from Iowa told George about a UFO sighting she and her mother had in the 1960s. According to Cathy, the object looked like a giant stationary ball of fire and made a crackling sound as it hovered low over the area where her family kept horses. It shrank into a smaller white ball then took off across the night sky, she remembered.

Barbara in Los Angeles described what it is like living with mental illness. "It's kind of difficult because you hear disparaging remarks in the media and in society that you internalize and then you become self-loathing," she revealed. Barbara, who suffers from depression, anxiety and agoraphobia, recalled having a panic attack at a rundown motel in LA. when she was a teenager. Other callers phoned in to share their own panic attack stories, including Michelle from Cleveland, Ohio, who detailed the feeling of dread accompanied by a racing heart, headaches and exhaustion. "It is real, it's very scary," she said.

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