ET Entities, Infrasound, & Flight 370 Mysteries

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ET Entities, Infrasound, & Flight 370 Mysteries

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe spoke about her 1998 interview with a CIA agent who claimed to have ET contacts, infrasound that might be linked to strange boom and metallic sounds, as well as the biggest mysteries of the MH370 disappearance. In a two-part segment, she detailed how in the summer of 1998, she made a secret trip to interview the former CIA agent and U.S. Army crypto-analyst today known as "Anonymous." She played audio selections from her extensive interviews with him in which he talked about his covert work in a CIA intelligence unit specifically tasked with screening highly classified photographs, movie film, autopsies and other evidence of extraterrestrial biological entities interacting with Earth. He described his official trip to Area 51 in 1958, in which he saw extraterrestrial craft and a live ET or Gray (see illustration below) hidden inside Papoose Mountain near Groom Lake that was able to telepathically communicate one-on-one with a questioner. See her full report, Part 1, Part 2.

More loud unexplained booms from Massachusetts to Utah and California continue to be heard. Now for the first time, new infrasound research indicates that there can be a "leading edge" to an infrasonic wave that the human ear can hear as a focused loud sound. This might explain why one family in one house on a block of houses can be disturbed by a loud bloom that shakes windows and walls and makes dogs go crazy, but no one else on the block hears the boom, she revealed. Even though there is not yet a definitive answer to the source of the mysterious boom and metallic scraping sounds phenomenon, one of America's leading infrasound researchers, Alfred Bedard, joined Linda to discuss the high strangeness sounds since January 2011 in the context of these surprising infrasound facts. More.

In her last report, she explored some of the biggest mysteries of Flight MH370's disappearance with retired Navy Captain Mark Wood, who has a quarter century of skilled U.S. Navy navigation and rescue experience on sea and in the air. We have learned that the co-pilot's cell phone was turned on during the flight, and he may have tried to make a call to tell someone that was something was not right, which suggests that he and the pilot were not acting together, Wood commented. "It was one or the other that had taken over the plane," he added. He also delineated some of the difficulties of finding debris during sea searches. Further info.

Protecting the Power Grid

First hour guest, advocate for protecting America's power grid, Peter Pry, talked bout preventing damage from EMP attacks and solar flares. The grid can be seriously disrupted for prolonged periods by a number of man-caused events, including a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) created by the detonation of a nuclear weapon outside the atmosphere above the United States, as well as an intense geomagnetic solar storm such as the Carrington Event of 1859. The House passed a grid-protection act in 2010 with bi-partisan support, but it was gutted when it got to the Senate, he reported. Currently, some states such as Maine, Virginia, and Florida are moving forward with their own power grid legislation, he added.

News segment guests: Dinesh D'Souza, Peter Davenport


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In tandem with her 4/24/14 reports, Linda Moulton Howe shares this illustration by "Kewper" (later known as "Anonymous") of the Gray being he and his CIA colleagues met at Area 51, Nellis AFB, in August 1958, and engaged in a telepathic dialogue.

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