The Black Box / DNA & Healing

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The Black Box / DNA & Healing

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A dozen years ago, author Frank DeMarco underwent ten sessions in the Monroe Institute's Black Box -- a kind of sensory deprivation chamber that helps people to achieve and sustain altered states of consciousness. In the first half of the show, he shared what happened in those sessions, and how they gave him a new way to see the world. During the experiences, in which Skip Atwater served as the monitor, he listened to Hemi-Sync technology (binaural beats that encourage specific brainwaves) on headphones, and accessed visions from his unconscious like in a dream, even though he was awake. One such image was a mysterious lettered wall in Egypt.

While in the Black Box, DeMarco said he also received spontaneous transmissions of words, and was able to access important sources of guidance. Regarding these sources, "what I found out is that not only do you have to listen to them, but you have to argue with them sometimes, too," he said, noting that the sources come from a non-physical place. The Black Box techniques are like training wheels that can be adapted to one's everyday life, he added. One of his major realizations from the experience, is that the past and future exist concurrently with the present, and that past lives can interact with current lives and change them.


In the latter half, former surgeon and an expert in food allergies, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, discussed why he believes DNA is a transmitter working as an antenna as opposed to a chemical photo copier exclusively replicating proteins. DNA is the shape of a fractal aerial, the kind we use in cell phones to transmit and receive, and transmits the information field used to construct the body, he explained, adding that this is how the same DNA can grow into different organs. He cited an interesting experiment with Chinese researcher Tszyan Kangchen who shined laser light through duck embryos onto chicken eggs and got some chicks hatched with webbed feet and flat beaks, yet no physical DNA or chemicals were transferred.

The model of the electric universe points toward an electric biology in life, and has a lot to do with healing-- certain healers have been measured and shown to manipulate electromagnetic properties, he reported. Only a tiny portion of the universe is composed of physical matter, and all the rest is information and energy and "that's why modern medicine is getting it pretty wrong" by not addressing the energy fields related to disease or imbalance, he said.

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