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Vortex Energy

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Host Lisa Garr (email) welcomed filmmaker and mystic ecologist, David Sereda, who spoke about the hidden power of vortex energy waves and its use in the gravity propulsion systems of UFOs. He revealed how "three beings of white light," one of whom he believes was the spirit of inventor Nikola Tesla, instantly flashed his mind with information about the vortex mathematical model. According to Sereda, this model explains the function of black holes and sub-atomic particles as well as how one can travel faster than the speed of light from one part of the universe to another.

Sereda claimed to have witnessed a UFO over Berkeley, California, shrink from its full size to a small dot and then punch through a hole in space-time. In the days that followed this 1968 sighting, a group of extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians showed him how their ship's anti-gravity drive worked, he explained. Sereda pointed to space shuttle mission STS-75 for additional proof of what he had been taught be the Pleiadians. Cameras aboard the shuttle capable of recording invisible ultraviolet light captured a pulsating UFO that Sereda estimated to be two to three miles wide. A vortex spiral of energy could be seen emanating from the center of the craft, he added.

Sereda also talked about his work on a nuclear vortex fusion device utilizing helium 3 as well as what he learned from some of the last surviving Manhattan Project scientists. When they tested the atomic bomb a vortex wormhole opened up in the local space, he said, noting that the nuclear detonation warped gravity and caused time dilation. Extraterrestrials came through the wormhole in 1945, tried to warn us about the path we were on, and then returned through the wormhole. The time dilation caused the beings to return to 1947, when the crashes happened in Roswell, New Mexico, he disclosed.

First hour guest Anita Moorjani discussed her amazing recovery from cancer following a life-changing NDE.

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