Strange Sounds, Microbead Trash, & ET/Human Hybrid

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Strange Sounds, Microbead Trash, & ET/Human Hybrid

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed strange anomalous sounds; how micro-particles of plastic are entering the food chain and may be linked to health issues; and the extraordinary story of Raechel, Marisa and a USAF Colonel from the investigations of Helen Littrell and writer Jean Bilodeaux concerning a secret US government agreement with ETs.

Peculiar metallic machinery sounds have been reported to come from below ground in places such as Kamiah, Idaho. In that rural town, one couple heard and felt a terrible boom. On top of a wood desk in the house sat an old plate that when the boom hit, shattered into pieces, flying all over the house at least twenty feet away. Witness Skyler Massey of Kamiah described an eerie underground noise he heard recently, as well as a 2008 incident in which a ball of light seemed to attack a herd of cows. Strange unexplained sounds have also been heard in the Clintonville, Wisconsin area, with resident Ron Eldridge telling Linda of a loud explosive boom that occurred on April 29, 2014. More.

Parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are now filled with plastic trash and so are the fresh water Great Lakes, Linda detailed. Researcher Marcus Ericksen described how bird carcasses are being found with plastic trash fragments inside them. A research team over the past couple of years has traveled the Great Lakes to collect data on the prevalence of plastics and found an average of 17,000 bits of tiny plastic beads per square kilometer in Lake Michigan. They are about the same size as fish eggs, and to any organism that lives in the water, they are food, Prof. of Chemistry Sherri Mason explained. The plastic microbeads are used to manufacture thousands of products such as toothpaste and facial scrubs. And those tiny plastic spheres are making their way into the food web as fish eat microbeads that soak up toxins like a sponge and pass into humans and wildlife. Further info.

In a two-part report, Linda delved into a fascinating human/alien hybridization account which was written about in a book entitled Raechel's Eyes by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux. Helen was the mother of a young, blind college student named "Marisa," not real name. Marisa briefly had a college roommate, Raechel, who always wore sunglasses and layers of clothing, even on hot days. Helen Littrell told what happened one day when Raechel tripped on a rug and she caught Raechel's wrist to keep her from falling. It felt spongy as though there was no bone in her wrist, and her glasses fell off, revealing eyes which were a solid avocado green, with no pupils, and a vertical black slit (see sketch below). Helen also spoke of her interactions with Raechel's father, Colonel Nadien, who claimed that Raechel was part of a "humanization program" to see how beings from another planet (in this case the Zeta Reticuli star system) could be integrated into Earth society. More here.

Ouija Board Communications

First hour guest, author Karen Dahlman talked about Ouija board communications. She looks at the Ouija as a useful tool to learn about oneself, and other consciousnesses that are out there. By approaching the board with respect and serious intent, as well as coming from a good space of mind and heart, this will help ensure that the same type of energy will be sent back to you, she explained. Dahlman believes George should consider conducting a new Ouija experiment on the show, as did the majority of respondents in a recent poll we conducted.

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In tandem with her 5/29/14 report, Linda Moulton Howe shares this sketch by Helen Littrell done for Earthfiles on May 11, 2014, of the alleged ET/Human hybrid "Raechel," who was briefly the roommate of Helen's daughter in college. Raechel's alleged father was a USAF Colonel who described for Helen Littrell a U. S. government "hybridization program" that he was overseeing. Raechel was one of their ET/Human tests. She always wore big, dark sunglasses and spoke in a word-by-word monotone that was not natural to human ears. When her sunglasses slipped down "I could see huge, green eyes with vertical black slits," said Helen.

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