The Other Side & Soul Contracts

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The Other Side & Soul Contracts

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Host Lisa Garr (email) was joined by afterlife researcher Stafford Betty for a discussion on Heaven and Hell, and how spirits speak through mediums to describe what it is like on the Other Side. "[Heaven and hell] are places but they're the not the places we imagine them to be," he explained, noting that the Other Side is made up of many sectors or worlds populated by like souls. Betty said he became convinced of the reality of the afterworld after researching the last 160 years of spirit communication through authentic mediums. Spirits are closer to the source than we are and they see things with greater clarity than we do, he revealed.

Their descriptions of the divine source, Jesus, and judgment are remarkably similar but differ markedly from what traditional religions teach, Betty continued. "Heaven is a vital, busy, challenging environment with extraordinary delights," he reported, pointing out that it is not a lotus eating paradise for lazy spirits. According to Betty, spirits there must live a religion of love and service to continue moving closer to the divine source. Regarding the hellish regions of the afterworld, Betty described them as sordid city neighborhoods and dark lifeless deserts filled with stubbornly unrepentant souls. Nonetheless, these souls will be far more comfortable in their region of hell than they would be in the divine light-filled regions, he disclosed, adding that missionary spirits are constantly working to bring souls out of these dark conditions.


In the second half of the program, medium Thomas John revealed how to decode soul contracts and what he sees on the Other Side. According to John, soul contracts are composed of a network of agreements ranging from what one will learn or teach while on Earth to what kind of personality a person might exhibit. These agreements are made in another dimension before we are born, and they are made with other souls that will assist in completing the goals of the contract, he continued. "I believe we have intentional soul contracts with probably everybody that we meet," John said, suggesting that he and Garr likely have a joint soul contract because of tonight's interview. He also spoke about the brevity of the soul's experience on Earth and how the way we live our lives here matters when we depart to the Other Side.

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