Subterranean Water, Mysterious Sounds, Drone Sightings, & UFO Briefing

Subterranean Water, Mysterious Sounds, Drone Sightings, & UFO Briefing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLinda Moulton Howe, David Paulides

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a huge volume of water that might explain this planet's oceans, new cases of the strange sound mystery, a 1981 eyewitness of a dragonfly drone, and a US Army cryptographer who was briefed about UFOs. Liquid water covers much of the Earth's surface, but now a Northwestern geophysicist, Steve Jacobson, has discovered that 400 miles down in the Earth's mantle locked up in hydrate minerals is enough water to possibly equal almost three times the amount of oceans and seas on the planet's surface. Jacobson told Linda that it's possible that the mantle of the Earth and its water cycle could actually be where the ocean water originally came from, in addition to or instead of comets. More here.

On June 18, 2014 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, two people upstairs and downstairs at the same time heard a loud screeching metallic sound "like the blade of a road grader scraping against asphalt." The sound was so loud for 15 to 20 seconds that it drowned out rain falling on the house roof, witness Pattie, a staff administrator at the University of Michigan, detailed. Their neighbor across the street also heard the loud, screeching metallic sound. In addition, Linda spoke to a witness named Gordon who shared his encounter with a loud metallic sound on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska in 2011. Further info.

In her third report, Linda interviewed "Mary" about her 1981 sighting of a dragonfly drone in Phoenix, Arizona that was so close to a 2nd story bedroom window that it cast a shadow over her bed. 'The object was round with like an arm on it and it had wires sticking up out of it. And I think I was so mesmerized by this thing" she said, adding that it had white symbols on it. After Mary mailed a copy of her photo of the drone to MUFON, she said she was contacted by an "Isaac" in 1992, who became known to Linda in 2007 for sharing his "CARET" documents on ET technology. More.

"Kewper Anonymous," the U. S. Army cryptographer who worked for the CIA in 1957-1960, described his work inside a CIA group based in a southeastern military base where they analyzed film, photographs and other physical evidence collected from eyewitnesses of extraterrestrial craft and beings. She interviewed "Kewper" on eleven hours of audiotape in the summer of 1998 before government agents warned him to not follow through with further interviews. She shared one portion of the audio, which concerned his 1959 briefing of President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon about UFOs, human abductions, and animal mutilations, which Eisenhower indicated he was already familiar with. Further details.

Strange Disappearances Update

First hour guest, David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist, reported on several new unexplained disappearances, including an Arcadia firefighter named Mike Herdman who vanished inside the Los Padres National Forest while running barefoot after his dog. The dog turned up alive about one week after he disappeared. Paulides also cited the odd disappearance and death of outdoor writer/marathon runner Karen Sykes. She'd been hiking with a friend at Mount. Rainier National Park and had gone on a bit ahead. "Her friend said she was the last person on Earth anyone would believe would disappear hiking because she knew Mount Rainier and the trails better than anybody," he noted.

News segment guests: James Sanders, Betty Martini



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Journalist and past C2C guest Terry Hansen has passed away. He was known for his groundbreaking work on the news media's complicity in the UFO cover-up, and how the CIA had arrangements with various media to spread its propaganda. Read a short obituary at The UFO Chronicles.

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