The Solutions Psychic

The Solutions Psychic


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsVincent Genna, Nick Begich

Psychic healer and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna, known as the "Solutions Psychic," spoke about his focus on helping to problem solve issues for clients, and empower them to "stop stopping" themselves from achieving their dreams and goals. He detailed how he shifted from his career as a professional actor to become a psychic, first studying at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, and then working at a hospice where he helped "transition" over 500 people. "The greatest way to know to live is by paying attention to the dying...and the greatest conclusion I came to is that we will die, the way we live...Now in the spiritual world, we'll continue to live on the Other Side, the way we died," he mused.

Interestingly, Genna believes that Alzheimer patients often had miserable childhoods and their loss of memory in later years may be a kind of defense mechanism to eliminate emotional pain. The lack of self-love, subconscious blocks, and negative ideation are at the root of all mental or psychological issues, he continued. He recommended a kind of active meditation practice, in which people pose a question, such as "what is my next step?" and then sit quietly and listen. "Do you know how many people pray, but they absolutely don't spend the time to listen to hear the response?," he asked.

Forgiveness is what breaks karma, and believing that we need to be punished is what continues karma, he explained. People forget that they have options and choices 24-7. "From the moment that you wake up, you have a choice to make...and you can choose what to think as well; you've just got to keep practicing to choose the right thought, the right idea, and the right behavior," he advised.

HAARP Update

First hour guest, lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich shared updates on Project HAARP, and mind affecting technologies. It turns out that HAARP (the Alaska-based program which uses an antenna array to study and interact with the ionosphere) will not be shutting down after all-- it had been announced earlier that the Air Force was giving up the program. Other parties have used HAARP over the years, including DARPA, the Navy, and the University of Alaska, "and I would expect for a budget of $3-5 million a year, which is what they're saying it takes to operate... I think they're going to find contracts or grants for that...I don't believe it will ever close," he remarked.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Robert Felix



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