Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident

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Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident

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British UFO researcher and abductee, Russ Kellett, and fellow UK UFO journalist Steven Lumley (book link) joined Dave Schrader (email) for the entire program to discuss an amazing 1974 encounter between UFOs and the Royal Navy, an ambush by RAF fighter jets, and dozens of Army personnel helping to conceal the evidence of a downed UFO and what happened to the otherworldly visitors from the recovery. While the incident is famously linked to the Berwyn Mountains in Wales, Lumley recounted how the case actually began in the Irish Sea with a "flotilla of Royal Navy ships working their way down from Scotland" seemingly in pursuit of something below the surface of the water. Along the way, he said, the ships were dropping photoflash bombs in order to illuminate whatever they were chasing.

As this quest was underway, Kellett explained, British aircraft were also flying overhead and instructing the ships on where to drop additional flash bombs. "What they were doing was backing these submerged objects into a corner and surrounding them," he surmised, noting that the only escape for the UFOs would then be "out of the sea." As such, three UFOs subsequently burst out of the water in an attempt to escape the scene. According to Kellett, of the three UFOs, one is believed to have hidden in a lake and another crashed into the Berwyn Mountains, possibly due to an encounter with a Royal Air Force fighter jet. Numerous residents in the area, Lumley revealed, called the police and unequivocally reported a massive explosion as well as a UFO in the mountains.

The third UFO, Kellett said, was spotted by five men who saw it land by the side of the road in a nearby town. From this craft, they claimed, five entities emerged, including two that appeared to be in some kind of distress. As the witnesses were watching this unfold, they were swarmed by heavily armed British military forces who ordered them out of the area immediately. Before leaving the scene, they saw the ETs being ushered into a vehicle to be taken to an unknown destination as well as one soldier getting inside the UFO. From there, Kellett marveled, other soldiers maneuvered the floating craft onto a flatbed truck. In light of the ease and precision with which they accomplished this task, he theorized that it was not their first recovery of a downed flying saucer.


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