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Past Life Therapy / American Monsters

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In the first half, Brian L. Weiss, M.D., talked about his work with past-life regression therapy, and how in some cases people were healed of psychological or physical problems when they recalled their past lives. The soul has a multidimensional quality and may exist as one level or one energy, but in our plane it's perceived of individually, and that is what reincarnates in a new body after a person dies, he noted. As for accounting for the ever increasing population of the Earth, one explanation he's repeatedly heard from patients during their regressions is that "this is not the only place where there are souls. The Earth is just one school of many, many schools."

Weiss uses hypnotic regression methods on his patients to help them access recall of their past lives. "Go through the door and tell me what you find on the other side," he tells them, and sometimes the person comes up with really specific experiences-- "they're using all of their senses-- visual, smell, sounds, feelings, emotions, and taste, and...describe these scenes in great detail that seem to come from other times," he shared (Weiss offers a set of CDs with techniques for meditation, healing, relaxation, and regression). "I'm finding that we're here to learn, teach, and help others, and that's what we take with us when we die, we don't take our houses and our cars and our bank accounts, we take our knowledge and our wisdom, and how we've lived," he observed.


In the latter half, author and investigator Linda Godfrey talked about the history, sightings and lore surrounding the most mysterious monsters in America, strange creatures that people have witnessed on land, air, and water. A number of gigantic birds have been seen, and some have the appearance of raptors, like some kind of mutated eagle or vulture, she detailed. There was a sighting by a man a few years ago in northern Wisconsin in very tall weeds. The somewhat stork-like appearing bird must have been around 11 ft. tall since it was so far above the weeds. Its wings had an immense rolling motion, and he estimated its wingspan to be around 18 to 20 ft.

Godfrey spoke about various types of sea creatures and lake monsters, including "drowned-sters," her term for bizarre looking corpses that wash up on the beach. Sometimes it turns out these odd looking bodies are known creatures such as raccoons that loose their hair or undergo changes while underwater, she explained. Speaking of the legendary Native American Windigo, often portrayed as a Dogman or Bigfoot-type creature, tribes vary in their descriptions combining human, animal, and demon qualities. She also touched on the Jasper County Ear Eater, a baffling case involving a large predator that was never seen. The creature attacked hog pens and was known for tearing the ears off hogs, and killing wantonly.

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