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In the first half, investigative mythologist William Henry talked about such topics as the 'Watcher' angels, the Ark of the Covenant, and his new ascension mystery school, "The Sion Academy." The Watchers are a group of angels who at one time dwelled at the throne of God at a heavenly location known as Sion, but are now described as "fallen" because they left their divine state to take on physical form in order to influence humankind, he explained. The Watchers have largely been misunderstood-- rather than negative entities, he considers them to be super advanced beings who have come to teach humanity how to evolve into spiritual light beings, which was our original condition.

As to the location of the lost Ark of the Covenant, Henry believes it actually resides in each of us-- a consciousness that we can tap into that transforms us into an ascended being. At his Sion Academy which he runs with his wife Clare, various wisdom traditions are synthesized in order to teach people how to transform into their next level or angelic selves. For more, check out his webinar preview dealing with the Watchers, ascension, & resurrection. Later this month, Henry will be leading a tour to sacred and mysterious locations in France, including Rennes-le-Chateau.


In the latter half, Professor of History at the International Studies Institute in Florence, Italy, Simon Young, discussed his work researching the lore of fairies, and the evidence for their actual existence. He defined fairies as living, supernatural, humanoids. They're not ghosts-- they look more or less like us, they can disappear and reappear; they can float and create magic effects around them, he specified. Often seen by children or people at bedtime, the winged aspect to fairies is a more recent concept that was not prevalent 100 years ago, he noted. In the 12th century, he continued, fairies were considered to be dangerous creatures-- they could bring either good luck or curses, and it was advised to stay away from them.

Marjorie Johnson, who was active in the Fairy Investigation Society, was said to see fairies continuously, whereas other people will sometimes see them just once in their lives, he detailed. Such sightings "puncture the thin membrane of what we think of as reality," and suggest that our senses are sometimes capable of seeing things we couldn't normally fathom, Young commented. While both ancient and modern accounts of fairies usually peg them as rather small beings, there are some on the opposite side of the scale. One fairy, he said, known to haunt a lake in Ireland, was described as being 8 ft. tall!

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