Cow Mutilations, Triangle Sightings, Bird Extinctions & Stonehenge Discoveries

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Cow Mutilations, Triangle Sightings, Bird Extinctions & Stonehenge Discoveries

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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed more bizarre and bloodless cow mutilations, sightings of triangular UFOs, possible bird species extinctions, and the new discovery of mounds and structures at Stonehenge. In September 2014, Angus breeder Alex Peterson discovered a strange, bloodless mutilation of one of his finest pregnant cows (approximately one year earlier, he was shocked to find five of his cattle bloodlessly mutilated in the same part of his ranch). Two of the cow's dewclaws were neatly, bloodlessly excised provoking a vet who looked at her to say no predator was capable of such precise and bloodless "surgery." Alex's neighbor admitted he's had four mutilations and one was dropped on the top of a high pile of broken cement. She spoke with ranch hand Michael Knight who described seeing a bright beam of light shining down from the sky that appeared to have a black object in it, which might have been an animal.

In her second report, Linda detailed a sighting earlier this month by Green Bay, Wisconsin resident David Hooker who was amazed to see a gigantic isosceles triangle of orange lights nearly still in the night sky. Over several minutes, he took photos of the whole pattern and close-ups of the orange glowing triangle corners. She chatted with UFO historian David Marler, the author of Triangular UFOs, who looked at Hooker's images and said it's one of the classic huge triangle patterns of orange lights over the years in which some estimates have gone as large as 1.8 to 2 miles long, as in the 1997 case of the Phoenix Lights. Marler described other significant silent, large triangular aircraft encounters that go back as far as the 1800s. More here.

The Audubon Society announced in early September 2014 that a 7-year-long study of all bird species in North America indicates that 314 species, including the Bald Eagle and ten other state birds, could face extinction by the middle of the 21st century as climate changes faster than birds can cope in the stress of finding new habitats, and building nests for chicks that hatch when there is no viable food. She interviewed Gary Langham, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientist at the National Audubon Society, who noted that the Bald Eagle could lose 75% of its range because of climate change, and in general we could be looking at a greatly lowered species diversity. Further info.

A 4-year study of the ancient, mysterious Stonehenge site in England with deep ground penetrating radar, magnetometers, lasers and other instruments has revealed that not only are there remnants of wood beams below Stonehenge underground that could be 6,000 years old, but that the landscape around Stonehenge has nearly two dozen mounds and other ancient structures that no one knew were there. One feature is directly linked with Stonehenge at the Summer Solstice dawn and sunset reinforcing the hypothesis that the whole Stonehenge complex functioned as a monitor of the sun, moon and stars. She spoke with Prof. Vince Gaffney from the Univ. of Birmingham in England who investigated the newly discovered ancient monuments and structures.

Symposium: Preparing for ETs

In the first hour, writer and reporter Lee Speigel talked about NASA's recent efforts to prepare for the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Taking place at the Library of Congress, NASA hosted a symposium featuring scientists, historians, philosophers, and theologians from around the world to discuss the implications of ET life, which is seeming ever more likely with the increasing number of extrasolar planets being identified. Speigel expressed surprise that the symposium didn't garner much mainstream media coverage. More on the event here.

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In tandem with her 9/26/14 reports, Linda Moulton Howe shares this photo (click to enlarge) of one of three orange-red lights that formed a huge triangle pattern in the night sky over Green Bay, Wisconsin on Friday, September 5, 2014. Telephoto image © 2014 by David Hooker.

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