Air Force & UFOs / American Sea Monster

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Air Force & UFOs / American Sea Monster

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In the first half, George Knapp welcomed Air Force insider and former FAA employee, Robert Salas, who offered ample refutation to the Air Force statement: "No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security." He cited details of his March, 1967 experience with a UFO at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. During the episode, the base's nuclear missiles were disabled, and the missile's frightened guards reported seeing strange lights in the sky, which were silently flying at high speeds, and making unusual turns. He learned that a similar occurrence had taken place a week earlier at another base, where 10 missiles were shutdown as UFOs were seen.

The unidentified craft were sending some type of specific signal that could penetrate concrete, and triple shielded cables going to each of the missiles separately, he noted, adding that sightings of strange Bigfoot-like creatures and cattle mutilations also took place in areas near the bases where the UFOs were seen. Salas believes the UFO occupants were sending a simple message-- 'get rid of your nuclear weapons.'


In the latter half, sociologist Robert Bartholomew discussed the weird history of America's counterpart to the Loch Ness Monster, a sea creature called Champ, who's been seen over the years in Lake Champlain. There is ancient Native American lore about a giant horned serpent living under the Split Rock in the middle of the lake, and the tribes were said to make offerings to it when they passed by in canoes. One of the most credible sightings of Champ took place in 1883, when the Clinton County Sheriff aboard a boat, described seeing a snake-like creature from 20 yards away. "Its body was 25-30 ft. long, it was five feet above the water...and it was so close to him he could see the muscles in its neck contracting," Bartholomew recounted.

There are a number of sightings throughout history of something large slamming into the side of people's boats while in the Lake, he continued. Yet there are also misidentifications and hoaxes-- the Sandra Mansi photo is often touted as the 'best lake monster photo' ever taken, yet she never produced a negative of the film, and couldn't recall where the photo was taken, he detailed. Bartholomew also touched on his research into cases of mass hysteria, which can function like a "reverse Placebo effect" in which people make themselves sick.

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