Ghost to Ghost 2014

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Ghost to Ghost 2014

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George Noory hosted the traditional "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers shared tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterlife. Cody in Kentucky recalled how, in his small hometown, there was an old bridge which allegedly conjured ghosts for anyone who crossed it. Cody and his friends attempted this feat in high school, but their car stalled halfway across the bridge. After pushing it across and getting it running again, the headlights came on and illuminated a figure at the other end of the bridge. Deciding to investigate, they began crossing and saw a little girl with long black hair covering her face. As they got closer, the group heard a menacing groan and they quickly fled the area in terror.

Cheryl in Huntington Beach told a humorous and uplifting story about how her late father fulfilled a promise to contact her from 'the other side.' About four days after his passing, Cheryl's dad spoke to her in a dream and imparted the winning lottery numbers for the next day's drawing. Upon waking up, she tried to write the numbers down, but the pen ran out of ink after she recorded four of the six digits. Nonetheless, Cheryl went to the supermarket to buy a ticket and, while there, purchased $92 worth of groceries. Later, when she checked the ticket to see how she fared, Cheryl was delighted to find out that she had won. However, since she only had four out of six dollars, she'd merely netted ... $92 dollars.

Also during the program, infamous caller J.C. made his long-awaited return to Coast to Coast to denounce the celebration of Halloween. Calling the holiday a "putrid, pagan ritual," J.C. groused that trick-or-treating is "nothing more than strong-arm coercion and robbery." He declared that the practice is "a gateway crime" and, to that end, pondered "what percentage of people in prison today were kids who trick-or-treated?" When queried about the fate of his erstwhile companion Edna Pringle, J.C. decried being asked about such a sensitive subject "on such a soulless night" and promptly ended his call.

Paranormal Tennessee

In the first hour, author Tabitha Prock (book link) shared paranormal stories from Monroe County, Tennessee, which boasts a plethora of odd activity, including strange creatures, crop circles, haunted locations, and tales of both giants as well as little people. Prock recounted one tale where a family moved into a home that was almost 100 years old and, soon afterward, their son began behaving violently and chasing them around the house with a butcher knife. The little boy attributed his aggression to the urgings of a mysterious new 'friend' who, he claimed, lived in a tree in their front yard. In response, the family cut the tree down and were disturbed to see that its interior was black and charred. The boy's troubling misbehavior subsequently ceased and his 'friend' was never seen again.

News segment guests: John Curtis & Peter Davenport

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