Confessions of a Google Insider/ Open Lines

Confessions of a Google Insider/ Open Lines


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsAndrew Greig

Filling in for George Noory, Richard Syrett welcomed CEO of Vizzeco and Google insider Andrew Greig during the first half of the show. The visionary technology expert revealed the inside scoop on the Internet search giant. Greig affectionately compared Google to the Borg from Star Trek since most companies find it futile to resist technology which helps save as much as 70 percent on the cost of computing and communications, and can reduce an organization's environmental footprint by 98 percent. He commented on Google's recent acquisitions of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and robotics companies, noting it has all the makings of a sci-fi movie.

"Google has more information on the people of the planet and more influence on the people of the planet than all of the governments combined," Greig continued. He spoke about the challenges of consolidating so much information, noting that Google has been broken into by the NSA and China, and how the world might benefit if the company decentralized. Greig credited a Google executive with orchestrating the Egyptian Revolution and toppling the Mubarak regime (related video), commented on the tech giant's race to buy up Greece, and explained how Google's cloud-based platform is at the forefront of largest transfer of wealth in human history. He also spoke about a near death experience he had in Costa Rica that he induced with coconut water, sun-dried cacao, lemon juice, and aspirin.


The latter half of the program featured Open Lines. Mike from Rockport, Texas, told Richard about a Twilight Zone-like experience he had at an undisclosed pueblo site in New Mexico. According to Mike, he located the adobe house of woman accused of witchcraft by residents of the ancient settlement and found it looked brand new, as if someone still lived there and had simply gone to the market for the day. Mike said he returned to the site a few weeks later and to his surprise found the house was as ruin.

Shirley in Spring Hill, Florida, recounted a similar story about her father, who had visited a woman's home on a sales call then returned shortly after the initial meeting to find the house vanished and another community in its place (related book link). Rob from San Antonio phoned in to suggest reptilian aliens are using his pet store as a takeout food service. Rob said he has noticed a dramatic increase in sales of feeder rats to people who seemingly don't own any pets. "I ask them what kind of rabbits they have, and what kind of lizards they have, and what kind of snakes. They don't have any lizards. They don't have any snakes," he explained.


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