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Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed odd earthquakes and low rumblings that have been happening in the Cedarville and Mt. Lassen, California region; the 51st anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; and a pregnant cow mutilation with a possible implant in the ear in a Missouri pasture, at the same time as a neighbor saw a beam of light extend down from a bright object in the sky. Linda detailed several reports of loud boom sounds heard around the country. People in the town of Cedarville have reported swarms of small earthquakes associated with ominous rumbling sounds and periodic unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Linda spoke with residents Curtis Rose, who described hearing the strange mechanical sounds and seeing red lights and orange orbs in the sky, and a woman named Cindy, who also witnessed unusual light activity. In an interview with writer for the Modoc County Record, Jean Bilodeaux, she described the strange aerial lights that have appeared over the town and how it seems linked to the low rumbling sound. "If you heard low rumbling, you knew lights were coming," she said. Bilodeaux also spoke about what USGS scientists are doing to monitor the mysterious seismic swarms happening in Cedarville and possible link to the Yellowstone hot spot. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Linda's full report.

In her third report, Linda presented an interview with author Jim Marrs about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and how Lee Harvey Oswald may have been a fall guy for the CIA. "[Oswald] said, 'I'm a patsy,' which implies that he was set up take the blame for that crime and I think there is some pretty compelling evidence that he was probably telling the truth," Marrs said. Linda also reported on some high strangeness in Missouri, where a shocked ranch owner found the mutilated remains of his pregnant cow and a glowing implant in her ear. "He is convinced that specific animals are selected for a genetic harvesting and tagged with identifying implants similar to the concept of implants in human abductees, she revealed.

Bigfoot Update

In the first hour, researcher Rhettman Mullis provided an update on the search for Bigfoot and the latest research in the field. According to Mullis, Bigfoot activity increases in the fall as the creatures move down to lower elevations to feed before winter. Apple orchards are a popular destination, he noted. Mullis announced Dr. Bryan Sykes' upcoming book, Nature of the Beast: The First Scientific Evidence for the Survival of Apemen into Modern Times, which delves into the DNA analysis of a mysterious hair sample. Mullis recounted the time he chased after a female Bigfoot as well as commented on those who wish to hunt down the supposedly aggressive creatures. Though there are rare examples of Bigfoot violence, it is almost always provoked, he explained, adding that numerous reports show them to be helpful and benevolent.

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