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UFOs & Bigfoot / Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, guest host Connie Willis (email) welcomed paranormal investigator and researcher Stan Gordon for a discussion on the wave of UFO and Bigfoot sightings which occurred in Pennsylvania in the 1970's. He recalled how, at the start of 1973, witnesses began reporting a number of strange UFO events which went beyond merely sightings of enigmatic lights in the sky. According to Gordon, there were not only many reports of solid, structured craft, but also UFOs chasing cars as well as objects landing on the ground. By the Summer, he said, the situation became even more bizarre as "we had the biggest outbreak of Bigfoot sightings ever recorded" which lasted into 1974.

When the first Bigfoot reports began, Gordon and research team initially thought they were simply dealing with a zoological phenomenon, but they questioned this conclusion as the cases grew stranger. Early oddities included a Bigfoot seemingly teleporting across a road as well as a witness who claimed that a creature crossed in front of his car headlights and caused the vehicle to stall until the beast was out of sight. As this wave of high strangeness progressed, he recollected, a pattern emerged where a UFO sighting would be followed, "minutes to hours to days later," by the appearance of a Bigfoot in the same general area. The paranormal outbreak reached a crescendo when Gordon and his team investigated a case which "led me to realize there was a lot more to this phenomena than we had any idea."

He explained that, in October of 1973, witnesses spotted a slow-moving, bright red UFO apparently land in the pasture of a farm. On the way out to investigate the craft, the group heard a high-pitched whining sound that got louder as they got closer as well as an eerie sound which resembled a baby crying. As they reached the top of the pasture, they were stunned to see the UFO now resembled a white dome which illuminated the entire area. Suddenly, they noticed two Bigfoot creeping along a barbed wire fence about 75-feet away from the UFO and making those strange sounds. When a witness shot a tracer bullet at the creatures, one of the Bigfoot reached up as if to grab it and, suddenly, the UFO disappeared into thin air. The man then tried shooting the Bigfoot with live ammunition, but the bullets had no effect and the creatures wandered off into the woods.

Open Lines

The latter half of the program featured Open Lines and included numerous callers sharing their Bigfoot stories. William in Alabama revealed that he had recently been working as a security guard at a mine and was injured when a Bigfoot violently knocked him over while dashing out of the cavern. Joe in Oregon claimed that a longtime friend of his once accidentally stumbled upon a Bigfoot while hiking. As the man and the creature stared at each other, Joe said, the Bigfoot dematerialized right before his eyes. Sandy in Miami talked about how a retired Broward County sheriff confided in him that he used to receive "hundreds and hundreds of calls" from residents who had encountered Florida's Bigfoot, known as the Skunk Ape.


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