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UFOs: Mysteries & Theories

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Tom DeLonge, member of Blink-182, joined George Knapp to discuss his interest in ufology, his recent trip to Area 51, and how he's using his celebrity status to bring awareness to oddities and mysterious stories from around the world. While camping on a remote spot at China Lake near Area 51, he heard a strange-sounding chatter of 30-40 voices outside his tent, and felt immobilized. The voices seemed to last for about 15 minutes, but when they ended, the campfire was out and 2 hours of missing time had passed, he recalled, adding that one of the other people in his group reported hearing the voices as well, and experiencing paralysis during that time.

DeLonge described his fascination with the science and physics behind UFOs, and in particular the idea of a "breakaway civilization" and a secret space program. Scientists like Lockheed's Boyd Bushman have admitted that antigravity technology was developed a long time ago, and the research of people such as Joseph Farrell points to many instances of secret technology, he said.

He detailed accounts of a man in Los Angeles who appears to be able to summon UFOs, as well as his conversations with Dr. Steven Greer on how ET pilots use thought to control their craft. DeLonge cited how musicians are often influential conduits for youth culture, and he was pleased to be sharing his interest in UFO topics with his audience.

UFOs & Nukes

First hour guest, ufologist Robert Hastings spoke about cases in which UFOs have appeared over nuclear weapon sites and sometimes tampered with or shutdown the nuclear capability. He described a disturbing 1974 incident at Malmstrom AFB, where a missile silo was penetrated as an extremely bright object was seen hovering above. The missile suddenly went into launch mode but the on-duty officers were able to inhibit it. Minutes later, it happened again and they were not able to stop it on their console, though the missile never launched, and the UFO shot straight up at a high rate of speed, he recounted. For more, check out Hastings' video trailer for his new documentary.

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