Global Cooling / Electromagnetic Weaponry

Global Cooling / Electromagnetic Weaponry


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn L. Casey, Craig Hulet

In the first half, former national space policy advisor to the White House and Congress as well as President of the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), John L. Casey, discussed his discovery of a solar cycle that is steering the planet into a dangerous phase of global cooling. "There is no global warming. There has not been for many years," he declared, "and now we know, with fair certainty, that the Earth has been cooling for quite some time." Casey based this assessment on his study of solar cycles, which he called the "primary drivers of climate change" for Earth. As such, he posited that the theory of manmade climate change is a political agenda which has failed to be proven scientifically, despite decades of research, while his solar cycle concept has been shown to be reliable in predicting future climate patterns.

According to Casey's research, Earth in currently in the process of experiencing a phenomenon known as 'solar hibernation,' where the amount of warming energy emitted from the sun is dramatically reduced. The nadir of this cooling should occur sometime in the early 2030's, he said, warning that "there's no one on the planet who has been through the kind of cold we're about the see." As Earth approaches that low point of the solar hibernation, Casey predicted, winters will grow longer as well as harsher which will cause farming to suffer as both the planting and harvesting of crops will be hindered by frigid temperatures. Famine, global unrest, and intense warfare are developments which Casey suggested are likely to arise as the global temperature falls.


In the latter half of the program, analyst Craig Hulet talked about electromagnetic warfare systems and the dangers of such weaponry. The story first came to Hulet's attention when he learned of a Navy plan to set up a range in the Pacific Northwest which would allegedly test counteractive measures against ground-based electromagnetic weaponry that might be used to disrupt American fighter jets. Further investigation by Hulet revealed similar Naval training is already being done in at least seventeen states throughout America. Despite their attempts to portray the program as akin to radar, he stressed that "make no mistake, these are weapons" and that agitation of aircraft is one of the least potent uses for such technology.

Although this weaponry is considered 'non-lethal,' Hulet cautioned that it "has the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings." Should electromagnetic weapons be turned on people, he said, they can induce dizziness, nausea, and unconsciousness as well as "fry the water under your skin without burning you, until you are screaming in pain." To that end, Hulet reported that attempts to use these 'non-lethal' systems in Iraq and Afghanistan were halted by the US government after targets suffered horrific deaths from the weapons. While the Army foresees other potential sinister uses for this technology such as mind control and DNA fragmentation, Hulet marveled that "the American people haven't got a clue that this is going on."

News segment guests: Peter Breggin & Steve 'Dr.Sky' Kates



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