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WWII Revelations / Understanding God

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In the first half, renegade historian Douglas Dietrich revealed information about WWII not told to the American public. He asserted that the FDR administration provoked Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbor in order to get the US into war, and pull the country out of the Great Depression. Further, WWII did not end when people think it did-- its official end didn't arrive until 1952-- before that time the United States and Japan were legally at war, he noted.

The various oppressive governmental measures and encroachments that we see today got their start with FDR and the Pearl Harbor attack, Dietrich continued, citing how FDR placed Japanese American citizens, as well as many Germans and Italians into internment camps, revoked their citizenship, and seized their assets. The legacy of Roosevelt is that America has been in permanent war mode, and its citizens live in fear of eminent domain, and the trampling of their rights, he commented.


In the latter half, spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch discussed the many ways in which he believes humanity misunderstands God and how he thinks the world could change overnight if humans accurately comprehended what God is. He detailed his experiences speaking directly with God, and receiving answers to his questions-- an ability he believes all people innately have. "All of us are having conversations with God all the time, we're simply calling it something else," he remarked, adding that the question is not to whom is God talking, but who is listening?

People have missing data about God-- what they haven't been told is that there's no separation between them and the thing they call God; that we are the essence of God, he outlined. We are more than just biological beings, Walsch said; we are spiritual entities that inhabit bodies and minds. This leads to the question of why we're here, and the purpose of life itself. Once the majority of people grasp that meaning, "life on the planet is going to change dramatically and instantaneously," he suggested.

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