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Brett Butler / Project Serpo

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In the first half, actress, writer, and stand-up comedian Brett Butler, best known for playing the title role in the TV comedy series Grace Under Fire, joined George in-studio to talk about her work in the entertainment industry and how recovery helped her tune into her psychic ability as a medium and cultivate her interests in UFOs and the paranormal. She spoke about being picked by the highly successful producers Tom Werner and Marcy Carsey to helm her own TV show, which ran from 1993 to 1998, and her subsequent path to sobriety after she left the show.

Butler received mixed reactions as she began to be more open about her psychic gifts, with some friends highly supportive, others skeptical. She even incorporated psychic readings into some of her stand-up comedy routines. However, she thinks that people sometimes give psychics too much power, and that the future is always changeable. For a child there's a "trifecta" for developing psychic ability, Butler suggested-- severe physical illness, emotional trauma, and imaginary friends-- and she had all three of those. One of the gifts psychics have is the ability to help people get past traumas or things they're stuck on, and move on with their lives, she added.


In the latter half, UFO and paranormal researcher, Len Kasten, discussed the alleged secret government exchange program with ETs from the planet Serpo, in the Zeta Reticuli star system. He has chronicled the journey of the Serpo team using the expedition commander's diary and his communications with the US Defense Intelligence Agency's directors, and their contact with a race called the Ebens. According to Kasten, the exchange program was triggered by a surviving Roswell alien (an Eben) who had a communication device that was eventually fixed, and used to send messages to the alien's home world, Serpo. In 1965, 12 astronauts traveled to the planet via an alien craft on a 10 month journey, moving at 40 times the speed of light, and going through wormholes, he continued.

While bearing some similarity to the Greys, the Ebens are a different race with brownish skin, large black eyes, and 4 ft. in height, he reported. Though far in advance of Earth science, they lived somewhat primitively on their home world (which has two suns) in huts, and their lifestyle was highly regimented, he detailed. While the surviving astronauts eventually returned to Earth after 13 years, the Ebens continued visiting our planet, as recently as 2009, Kasten claimed. There are some 3,000 photos that the astronauts took of Serpo sitting in a vault at Bolling AFB, he revealed.

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