Hollow Moon & Disappearing People

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Hollow Moon & Disappearing People

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Investigative journalist Rob Shelsky combines his education in the sciences with his investigations of paranormal and anomalous phenomena. He discussed his work on the hollow Moon theory and accounts of the Earth having no Moon at all; reports of disappearing people from all over the world including whole villages in Canada and China; and how ETs are not our friends or cosmic space brothers. Some of the strongest pieces of scientific evidence for the moon being hollow are that its density is too low for its size, and it rings like a bell, he cited. Some Russian scientists have proposed that the moon was artificially hollowed. The impact theory of the moon's creation doesn't seem accurate because there's no evidence of a planetary body besides Earth hitting it, he pointed out.

Shelsky proposed an ET diaspora theory-- that an intelligent civilization might seek out a hollow moon or asteroid to "set sail on the cosmic sea," and also use as a refuge to hide from more predatory species. The inside of such a body (he suspects the Martian moon Phobos is also hollow) could be mined out, and rotated to create gravity, he noted. A number of ancient civilizations such as the Maya spoke of a time when there was no moon, and Aristotle referred to an ancient race in Greece who said they existed before there was a moon in the sky. This suggests to him that the moon may have been maneuvered into its current position thousands or tens of thousands of years ago.

There are a considerable number of people who permanently disappear off the face of the planet, and Shelsky believes they may have been abducted by aliens for some long-term purposes, possibly for genetic experimentation. In one intriguing case from 1763, a crippled man vanished off his front porch, and couldn't have moved under his own power. There were two lighthouse keepers who disappeared in 1900, and the Bennington Triangle in Vermont is a location where people kept vanishing between 1920 and 1950, one, right off of a bus, he detailed. Shelsky also delved into the bizarre and horrifying Dyatlov Pass incident of 1959. He proposed that it was aliens who caused a group of panicked skiers to escape from their tent and meet their untimely end in the frigid Siberian mountains.

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1/5/15 guest Rob Shelsky has come to believe the moon has a hollow core that houses alien intelligence, and that there's much evidence to back up this fascinating assertion. For more on lunar anomalies and mysteries, check out this collection of articles on Stephen Wagner's Paranormal.about.com.

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