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Date Host Richard Syrett
Guests Steve Quayle, John 'Lofty' Wiseman

Author and researcher Steve Quayle joined host Richard Syrett to discuss all things gold: the missing gold in the US., the manipulation of the gold price, China's accumulation of gold, and the possibility the next world reserve currency may be a basket of currencies, including the Chinese Yuan and the Russian Ruble, all backed by gold. "The thing that's troubling most of the financial markets is absolute manipulation," Quayle revealed, noting there are no longer real markets left. He contended that Russia and China have amassed large quantities of gold in order to leave the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. China considers its gold holdings as a strategic weapon against the West, he added.

There is nothing backing up the money the United States prints, Quayle continued, pointing out that the country is broke and the buying power of one dollar has fallen to just four cents. He suggested that private pension funds and 401Ks could be taken to service the nation's outstanding debt. "All of the assets of the United States and its people in those funds have been already pledged to others," Quayle asserted. Gold is tangible, the only asset not pledged multiple times (like derivatives are), and is accepted universally, he explained. Gold is also beyond the manipulative power of the central banks, Quayle noted. "If you can't hold it, you don't own it," he said.

Basic survival Knowledge

First hour guest, survival expert John "Lofty" Wiseman shared examples from his acclaimed SAS Survival Handbook. "The will to live... is getting weaker and weaker as we're getting more civilized," Wiseman said, noting how most of us have become dependent on creature comforts and modern technology for survival. It is important to develop an awareness of what is around us, how to be prepared for potential dangers, and to never give in, he explained. Wiseman recommended making a survival pouch (he uses a 2 oz tobacco tin), which includes components to have fire, shelter, food, water, navigation, and medication. It should contain a flexible hand saw, scalpel, flint and steel, cotton wool, compass, fishing hooks, wire for snares, potassium permanganate to sterilize water, and any necessary medication, he suggested.



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