Miracles from Beyond/ Alternative News

Miracles from Beyond/ Alternative News


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsYitta Halberstam, - Lionel

Descended from a long line of Hasidic mystics and rabbis, Yitta Halberstam, an established author and speaker in the field of Jewish spirituality, joined the show in the first half. She discussed her work documenting examples of deceased relatives intervening with the lives of their living loved ones, often in dreams, as well as stories of miraculous interventions. Deceased relatives typically visit in order to warn of impending disasters or offer important advice, she detailed. Halberstam shared the incredible story of holocaust survivor Esther Raab, who had a dream in which her murdered mother appeared to her and showed her the location of a farmhouse where she could escape. The next day, Raab got away from the death camp and found refuge at that very farmhouse.

Another unusual story Halberstam recounted was that of a woman who passed a horrible accident scene on the road. As she was driving by, she uttered a prayer for God to please help the lifeless woman inside the car wreck. Several months later, she received a phone call from the accident victim who had suprisingly recovered. She revealed that after the accident, her spirit was hovering over the scene, and she saw flaming letters that formed a prayer come flying toward her, bringing her back to Earth. The accident victim explained that during her out-of-body experience she clearly saw the license plate of the woman issuing the prayer, and was subsequently able to track her down through a friend that worked at the DMV.


In the latter half, TV and radio news decoder, legal analyst and renaissance lawyer, Lionel, talked about the increased militarization of the police, and various alternative media topics. He cited the mind control technique known as Problem Reaction Solution, in which a problem is created, a reaction is manufactured, and a solution is proposed, all by the same manipulators. The solution government has presented is hyper-militarized police, he suggested, but in exchange for what seems like more security, we have left the notion of the police as being friendly and there to assist in the dust. What are your views on police militarization? Take the C2C Instapoll.

Lionel also differentiated how he is a conspiracy analyst rather than a theorist, and spoke about his interview with Stanton Friedman, who has called the UFO cover-up a 'cosmic Watergate.'

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Cathryn Switzer



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