Alien at the Pentagon / Torah Codes

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Alien at the Pentagon / Torah Codes

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In the first half, Emmy-nominated casting director Craig Campobasso talked about his film career and current projects, including his directorial debut, Stranger at the Pentagon, which won Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the 2014 Burbank Film Festival. Campobasso, who also wrote and produced "Stranger at the Pentagon" based it upon the popular UFO book of the same name written by Frank Stranges in 1967. Stranges described a divine being named Valiant Thor who allegedly came to Earth from Venus with a mission to help eliminate disease and poverty, and extend people's lives. Thor was said to meet with Pres. Eisenhower in 1957, who put him on a VIP status, so that he could live at the Pentagon for a three-year period in order to work on implementing his plan.

In 1959, Stranges said he met a woman from the Pentagon who introduced him to Valiant Thor. Earlier, retired Air Force photographer August Roberts took images of three beings at contactee Howard Menger's home, whom he believed were "space people," including Valiant Thor, who was said to have no palm prints. Thor's spaceship "Victor One" is 300 ft. in diameter and stationed at Lake Mead, Campobasso recounted. For more on Stranges' account of Valiant Thor, view this short documentary.


In the latter half, director and producer of the Watchers catalog of DVDs, Richard Shaw discussed a series of unlikely coincidences which led him to such people as Rabbi Glazerson and Professor Eliyahu Rips who are part of the core team that discovered the secrets of the Torah Codes. The concept is based on the idea that embedded in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament or Torah are certain equidistant letter sequences, revealed by computer software, which spell out names, phrases, and possible messages or prophecies that have particular meaning in our times (Bible Codes which include the New Testament have previously been explored, such as by author Michael Drosnin).

Shaw views the Torah Codes as a kind of sealed encryption that was meant to be discovered in the modern era. One of the discovered messages in vertically aligned letters was "CURSED IS BIN LADEN AND REVENGE BELONGS TO THE MESSIAH", while another encoded table found by Prof. Rips mentions such terms as airplanes, towers, and terror attack. For a further look at some of the encoded messages, check out trailers from Shaw's new documentary.

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