Edgar Cayce & Mound Builder Mysteries

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Edgar Cayce & Mound Builder Mysteries

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Expert on the 'sleeping prophet' Edgar Cayce, researcher and author Greg Little discussed his work exploring America's ancient Mound Builders, as well as the life and predictions of Cayce. Native Americans left behind thousands of pyramid-shaped and conical burial mounds, geometric earthworks, and artifacts depicting mysterious symbols (view related images). According to Native American beliefs, we have two souls, one is the life soul, and the other is the free soul, which travels out into the galaxy as part of its judgment and return to the land of the ancestors. The life soul could cause problems if it lingered on Earth, so human remains were typically cremated. But if people wanted a soul to be reincarnated, the bodies were sometimes buried in tombs inside the mounds, he detailed.

Excavations from the 1800s and early 1900s found giant skeletons in large tombs buried deep inside these mounds. There were legends that an elite group of people 7-8 ft. tall (the average height of the Adena native people was 5 ft. 4 in.) ruled the locals and oversaw construction of the mounds and earthworks, which were ritualistic devices employed to assist souls making the transition between this world and the next, Little explained.

Interestingly, Cayce believed that as our souls move through the universe, they reincarnate on different worlds, as part of their evolutionary process. In regards to evolution, Cayce spoke of the coming of a new root race, and the expansion of the human lifespan. While Cayce's famous Earth changes predictions (he foresaw much of America inundated by water) have not come to pass in the time frame he outlined, his thousands of health readings were amazingly accurate. Little revealed who some of Cayce's most famous clients were-- they included Woodrow Wilson (Cayce was secretly brought to the White House), Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Nelson Rockefeller, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, and Gloria Swanson.

Vaccine Update

First hour guest Dr. Sherri Tenpenny spoke about the dangers of vaccines, and the controversy that ensued in Australia, when venues canceled her upcoming seminars, due to a pro-vaccination group's efforts. Now, her visa to Australia may be revoked, Tenpenny said, lamenting that free speech was being quashed. We know that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program in the US has awarded damages for autism in children in at least 12 cases, "and autism is just the most extreme form of vaccine injury," with brain inflammation listed as a possible side effect on most of the vaccines, she remarked.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Roger Tolces

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