Mind Control / Planets X & Y

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Mind Control / Planets X & Y

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In the first half, host Jimmy Church (email) was joined by Stewart Swerdlow, who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes. He discussed his experience with a "little creature," mind control, and the Montauk Project. Swerdlow shared a brief history of his influential Russian family, which includes a great uncle who assassinated the czar and became the first president of the Soviet Union, and his father who helped form the Communist party in the U.S. in the 1930s. His relatives also started the KGB and mind control programs in the Soviet Union. "I'm watched everywhere I go," he admitted, adding that KGB spies are easy to spot because they wear black leather jackets and dark sun glasses. Swerdlow shared the strange circumstances surrounding his birth (his mother had no birth canal) as well as how during his childhood he was subjected to unusual medical procedures.

He detailed an encounter he had at three years old with a small alien who took him aboard its craft. The walls of the ship were transparent allowing for a view of Earth and outer space, he recalled. According to Swerdlow, the alien put something in his ear which required medical intervention by an ENT specialist. He talked about the latest version of the documentary The Montauk Chronicles, as well as his time in the Project and the many attempts made to control his mind. Fear and trauma are used to fracture the mind into up to two thousand compartments, he explained. Swerdlow described what it feels like to travel through a wormhole and how it adversely affected his health. He also disclosed the secret purpose of the Large Hadron Collider and its sister collider just west of Chicago. "These things are designed to connect to alternate realities and even collapse parallel universes into this one where the Illuminati have gained power and have achieved their goals," he revealed.


During the second half, rogue science advocate Mike Bara shared the latest findings on NASA data regarding the existence of Planet X or even Planet Y, as well as ancient Martian relics. "I look at Mars... and the ruins that have been left there [and on the moon], and I know that somebody was there and they built this stuff," Bara suggested. It looks like human architecture with the same engineering and aesthetic principles seen on Earth, he added. Bara spoke about secret societies embedded in NASA and suggested they were created by the Anunnaki before they left for the purpose of having a priesthood to keep their secrets (i.e., history is cyclical and humans are doomed to repeat tragic events). He outlined the outlined the story of Anu, Enki, Enlil, and Marduk, and how a familial conflict led to an ancient nuclear war on the planet. Bara also spoke about Planet X and how it is different from Nibiru, as well as a mysterious Planet Y that appears to influence the orbit of comets and some of our space probes. "There definitely appears to be evidence that there's at least two rather large objects out there," he said, noting the role played by hyperdimensional physics played in finding them.

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