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In the first half, Kevin D. Randle, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in psychology and a second master's degree in military science, discussed his experience with the Project Blue Book files when they were first declassified in 1976 and the versions of the documents he saw at Maxwell AFB. At the time, the files, which contained the US Air Force's record of UFO cases spanning over 30 years, weren't redacted very well, and he was able to figure out who many of the witnesses were. Jack Webb (of Dragnet fame) paid to have the files microfilmed for use in a TV show he was producing called Project UFO, and Randle was able to purchase a set of the images.

Interestingly, Project Blue Book wasn't the first government investigation into UFOs-- there was an unofficial study conducted out of Wright Patterson AFB, but all the files ended up buried under a golf course at the base, Randle revealed. In Blue Book, the Air Force often came up with conclusions that made little sense based on the case, he cited, such as in a 1966 incident in Portage County, Ohio in which police deputies were chasing a UFO, and the AF explanation was they were fooled by a satellite and then fixated on Venus. Randle also talked about the evolution of unidentified craft, and how triangular-shaped objects have become much more common than the earlier disc shapes.


In the latter half, author Robert Waggoner shared tips on how to lucid dream or become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state. He has logged in more than a thousand lucid dreams and uses this scientifically validated state to access subconscious creativity, heal the body, and communicate with an aware inner self. The technique he developed many years ago for attaining lucidity is to stare at the palms of his hands for about five minutes just before going to sleep and repeating in his mind over and over: "Tonight, in my dreams I'll see my hands and realize I'm dreaming." In Waggoner's dream state, his hands would pop up just like they were spring-loaded, in front of his face, and he'd realize he was dreaming.

One of the most rewarding things to do in a lucid dream is to pose questions to "the larger awareness behind the dream," and interact with a knowing force within yourself, he stated. When attaining lucidity, it's important to modulate your emotions and not get too excited, otherwise you'll wake up, he noted. Lucid dreaming can also be used for confronting fears/nightmares, communicating with the deceased, and developing psi and precognition abilities, he added.

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After receiving much media attention (including an appearance on C2C) John Greenewald of The Black Vault was forced to take down declassified Project Blue Book files, which he had posted for the first time on the Internet in PDF format, easily accessible for public viewing. Fold3, a site that posts military files, claimed they had a digital copyright on the images. More on the story here.

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