New World Order / Electronic Harassment

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New World Order / Electronic Harassment

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In the first half, former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Paul Hellyer, discussed his new work researching the New World Order, the US shadow government, and the 'Money Mafia' all of which are at the apex of the cabal that's been running the US and much of the world since World War II, he contends. We've seen an increase in police militarization, and many of these officers take their orders like the Army, and do the work of the cabal, he said, adding that the government has been building prison camps and railway cars with shackles. The 'Money Mafia' or the international banking cartel, have brought about recessions and depressions, and have increased their manipulation of the economy in recent years, he related.

To fix the economy, Hellyer suggested reestablishing a cash reserve system, whereby at the end of seven years, banks would have to have 34 cents in deposits in their vaults or central banks for every dollar they had out on loans, and this would reduce the leverage of reckless profiteering. Additionally, he advocated that all politicians, from the President on down, must renounce their affiliation with the New World Order, in order to keep their jobs. Hellyer also talked about the suppression of new energy devices, and his interest in UFOs, which began after he read The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso. Hellyer was acquainted with some of the generals mentioned in the book, and found Corso's account of recovered ET technology to be credible.


In the latter half, Dr. John Hall, a pain management physician specializing in stem cell therapy, spoke about his activism against non-consensual experimentation and intrusive surveillance technology conducted on US citizens. His interest in the topic began when a woman he knew in San Antonio, was stalked and electronically harassed by a former FBI agent. He learned that this wasn't an isolated case, and that there were thousands of other similar incidents, which involved such things as organized stalking, and attacks with directed energy and electromagnetic weapons. In 2010, the NSA admitted it was using a ground wave-based weapon that was playing havoc with the electricity in the San Antonio area, he reported. The NSA has a base of operations known as TAO in San Antonio, which uses a technology to access computers, as well as people's brains, he added.

The goal of the experimentation has been to figure out how to remotely control a human being, and seems to be moving in the direction of controlling the population at large, he revealed. Victims are often placed in a difficult position when they report these crimes, as agencies like the FBI are aware of the technology and know that the CIA and NSA are funding the research, and giving access to subcontractors to conduct experiments on a wide sample of the populace, Hall continued. Some of the victims report hearing direct voices in their head, describing accurately what they are doing or wearing, for instance. These occurrences play out differently than what a schizophrenic describes when they hear voices, he noted.

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