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America's Strange History

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Tim R. Swartz, the writer and editor of the online Conspiracy Journal, which offers a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, discussed his latest work on America's strange and supernatural history including prophecies made by US presidents. There have been many strange stories of objects that fell from the sky, and one of the oddest occurred in Kentucky in 1876, when meat, described as "flesh in fine particles and strips," landed in a yard area when the sky was relatively clear. Swartz shared several accounts of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) that he investigated including cases where smoke started rolling out of a man's shirt even though he wasn't smoking, and a blue flame that inexplicably emerged from a man's stomach area. In some incidents of SHC, ball lightning might be connected, he postulated.

Regarding unusual cryptids, Swartz presented reports of "screaming kangaroos" from the 19th century in such states as Tennessee and Kentucky, in which these bloodthirsty creatures would devastate livestock. "The descriptions," he noted, "sounded eerily like the chupacabras from Puerto Rico." Swartz also detailed his personal investigations into the paranormal, including visiting a family that was plagued by poltergeist activity in Springfield, Ohio. He observed small rocks gathered on the ceiling, which then dropped down onto the floor. Swartz marked an X on some of the stones, and then tossed them in the cornfield behind the house, but moments later they reappeared on the ceiling and fell to the floor.

George Washington was said to be visited by a female angelic entity, who appeared to him one evening during the Revolutionary War. She left behind a vapor, and when it cleared, he could see all the countries of the world, including the United States, indicating they would be victorious in their fight to become a country. He saw the smoke of war billowing out from Asia, Europe, and Africa, and the angel took water from the Atlantic ocean, and sprinkled it on America, saying the new country would be the savior of these future wars, Swartz recounted. He also discussed the work of Tesla, discoveries made by Admiral Byrd at the North Pole, and time travel.

Podesta's Disclosure Comments

First hour guest, disclosure activist Stephen Bassett talked about recent comments made by White House advisor John Podesta regarding UFO files. Podesta, who is leaving the White House, posted on Twitter: "Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files." The tweet has generated hundreds of news stories, and implies that he made attempts this past year to move forward on disclosure while working for the Obama administration, Bassett remarked.

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