Edgar Cayce's Wisdom

Edgar Cayce's Wisdom


HostLisa Garr

GuestsKevin Todeschi

Due to technical difficulties, guest host Lisa Garr (email) was live for only the first half of the program. She was joined by Kevin Todeschi, executive director and CEO of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., for a discussion on Cayce's prophetic and health material, and how it speaks to where humankind is today.

Todeschi described how Cayce could put himself into self-induced sleep which would allow him to travel to a higher state of consciousness and access the akashic record of anyone on the planet. Cayce moved through various levels of consciousness until he arrived at what appeared to him as a library where an old man with books would provide him with the information he needed, he revealed.

"[Cayce] could answer any question imaginable, he could tune into a person at a distance, he could describe what was wrong with them... he could outline a regimen of treatments, he could even recommend doctors for them to go to that he had no conscious knowledge of," Todeschi continued. These readings were carefully documented by a stenographer and shown to astonishingly accurate, he noted. Cayce drew from every school of medicine in his health recommendations and even developed a medical facility that could serve those for whom he had provided readings, he added.

Todeschi spoke about Cayce's teaching on time as an illusion. Only 'now time' exists, he suggested, pointing out that the past, present and future all happen at the same moment. Todeschi also shared his favorite teachings of Cayce, who taught about the oneness of God (there is a creator is over us all), the spiritual nature of humankind (we are spiritual beings who are having a physical experience), and that life is a purposeful experience.

The remainder of the show featured a classic interview from 5/22/13 when George Noory spoke with physicist Leonard Mlodinow about the subliminal mind.



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