Vaccination Controversies/ Nature People

Vaccination Controversies/ Nature People


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJonathan Emord, Christian von Lahr

In the first half, constitutional lawyer specializing in food and drug law, Jonathan Emord, addressed issues relating to vaccines, and personal rights and freedoms. He noted that the US govt. funds a national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to the amount of three billion dollars, which is designed as an alternative to court claims against damages from vaccines (including the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine which has gotten a lot of attention lately). The government concedes there are risks associated with injectable substances and the reactions people may have to them.

Jurist Oliver Wendelle Holmes Jr. decided that compulsory vaccination was constitutional under the 14th amendment. But, Emord pointed out that this is actually a deviation from constitutional rights. While acknowledging that some vaccines are helpful, Emord believes that people should not be compelled to be vaccinated by the power of the state, particularly when it's well-known that serious, adverse reactions can occur. Instead of pushing mandatory vaccines upon children, the government and medical establishment should be devoting their resources to eliminating the safety risks associated with them, he advised.


In the latter half, psychic medium Chrisitan von Lahr discussed his work establishing direct communications with the Nature People, and the reality of leprechauns, and gnomes, and how to connect with these beings. Leprechauns are nature spirits who exist both in the physical and astral realms, and can steer people's attention to matters that will help them get back to what's important in their lives, he explained. Living around 2,000 years, leprechauns have actually known us over multiple lifetimes, and have a wider view of our existence, he continued.

Leprechauns are telepathic and can make people's unselfish wishes come true, which is how they came to be associated with luck, von Lahr detailed. To attract or tap into nature spirits, he suggested putting colored lights on a tree (green and gold for leprechauns, red and green for gnomes), as specific vibrations match their energies. Nature spirits can also be drawn to certain types of food and drink, such as beer and candy, but they experience them on an etheric level, which has different properties than what we perceive, von Lahr revealed. He also spoke on the topic of soul mates, and gave readings for callers during the last hour.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Cathryn Switzer, Steve Kates, Blair Franklin



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