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After Death Research/ Future Lives

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In the first half, Roberta Grimes, who has studied more than 150 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, discussed how quantum physics and research in consciousness provide a detailed picture of what is actually going on after death. When she was eight years old, it occurred to her that there was no God, and then she saw a bright white light in her room, like burning magnesium, and she heard a voice that said: "You wouldn't know what it is to have me if you didn't know what it is to be without me. I will never leave you again." Later, she realized that this voice was her spirit guide. That experience stayed with her, and she ended up majoring in religion in college.

There is objective evidence about the afterlife, "and it paints a picture that is scientific," she remarked. The "third wave of physics" shows that the spiritual is actually scientific, even though science in the past has adopted a kind of atheistic or agnostic dogma, Grimes commented. The smallest subatomic particle is a vortex of energy, so there is nothing that is actually material, and the reality is that most of the universe is either dark matter or dark energy, she continued. Grimes stated that there are six different levels of the afterlife and their location corresponds to what we think of as dark matter in the universe. According to her research, once a person has passed over, the death process is a physically pleasurable experience, and quite joyous.


In the latter half, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about past life regression, future life progression, parallel lives and ascension. One of his clients underwent a hypnotic regression, and described an alter ego or parallel self who was currently living in Cleveland. More typically, people have parallel selves that live in a parallel universe to ours-- for instance, one of his clients regressed to 1968, and experienced a version of herself who lived in the US, where Robert Kennedy was elected president. Goldberg also progresses clients into the future, such as a woman named Janet, who reported that in the year 3015 she is called Melodia and lives in a glass enclosure in the Chiron moon system.

According to Goldberg, George Noory's future selves include the 22nd century radio host Dexter Monterey, who appears as a hologram to an audience of 300 million, and in the 35th century, a psychic researcher named Xeor, who develops a technique for cleansing souls' auras. In general, Goldberg sees a fairly rosy future ahead, once we get out of the current century. For instance, in the 26th century, he envisions interplanetary travel and ET contact being common, and the human lifespan rising to 215 years. On a more practical level, one of his clients, "Tammy," used a future progression technique to learn that she shouldn't take an specific airline flight to Paris. The flight she canceled turned out to be the doomed TWA Flight 800, he recalled.

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