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Bigfoot & Giant Discoveries

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George Knapp welcomed DNA expert, Melba Ketchum, for the entire 4-hour program, for a discussion on her Bigfoot research, as well as her testing or planned testing of samples from four giant and elongated skulls, and other giant remains. She addressed some of the controversies surrounding her previous DNA analysis of alleged Bigfoot hair and related samples, which yielded strange results that suggested some kind of human hybrid or mutation. The criticism of her work hasn't come from geneticists but from people "not qualified to even review the paper," or people who never even bothered to read her analysis, she remarked.

There's a big cover-up going on with some of the giant remains and bones, as they disappear from various locations or are kept from the public, she reported. Historical references to giants are seen across cultures, and they have been depicted throughout time. There was a relatively recent account that a live giant was killed by the military in Afghanistan and flown back to the States, she noted. Some of the remains of giants show double rows of teeth, and six-fingered/six-toed hands & feet, indicating they were more than just very tall people, Ketchum continued.

Many Native American tribes have tales of "red-headed giants," some who were said to be cannibals, and Ketchum has acquired some bone samples for testing, through the Erickson Project. So far, it appears they're not related to Sasquatch, she revealed. She was able to obtain two large teeth from a giant mandible for testing from a museum in a Winnemucca, NV which got the remains from a cave in Lovelock. Among the 17 or so additional giant-type samples she is preparing to test are teeth from "Zana," a captured female Sasquatch-type creature who reportedly lived and mated with humans in Russia in the 1890s. For more, check out Ketchum's YouTube Channel.


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