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The Second Age of Space / Mediums & Healing

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In the first half of the program, Richard C. Hoagland, detailed why he believes we are on the cusp of a "Second Age of Space" as seen in the latest developments in space exploration. He cited the burgeoning private space industry as a key driver in this evolution, since it is poised to ultimately free space exploration from the confines of government-based agencies. To that end, Hoagland specifically pointed to Monday's upcoming Space X launch as a critical event, as the company will once again attempt to successfully land their booster rocket when it returns to Earth. Should the landing prove successful, he declared, it will mark the beginning of a new era in exploration that will ultimately result in the average person being able to travel to space due to the reduced cost of such trips.

Looking to the future, Hoagland contended that, when private space companies eventually arrive on the moon and find signs of previous intelligent life, they will be "dumbfounded by what they really see." In turn, he surmised, there will be a frenzied rush into space by companies and governments trying to "find and cash in on all this extraordinary science and technology that is just out there waiting and now will be available to ordinary folks." To that end, Hoagland claimed that the infamous Moon Hoax Theory was a psychological operation created by NASA in order to draw the attention of conspiracy theorists away from asking questions about what was really discovered on the Moon. "This censorship wall surrounding the real solar system," Hoagland mused, "is falling right before our eyes," as private space companies begin gaining access to cosmic realms previously controlled by secretive government agencies. (Related Images, Related Links: Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost Horizon &


In the latter half, Debra Martin, a lab certified research medium, and Sheri Getten, a healing practitioner, discussed their work with spiritual healing. While the duo have been friends for nearly 20 years, their healing work was spawned by Martin's near death experience in 2012. Struggling with a debilitating illness, Martin had reached a point where her demise appeared to be imminent. Getten then arrived at her home and performed an impromptu healing session which resulted in Martin receiving spiritual surgery from ethereal entities. She then had an encounter with God, who offered her the choice of staying in Heaven or returning to Earth and Martin chose the latter option. Following that, her health began recovering and the duo became inspired to use their experience as a way of healing others.

In recounting a typical healing session, Getten explained that they try to avoid knowing anything about their client because "sometimes what they think needs to be healed is not the root of what is causing the symptoms." To start, the client lays on a healing table and Martin goes under the table, where "they become one" and she feels the symptoms afflicting the person. If she tastes medicine, then it means that a spiritual surgery is underway to resolve the illness, which she then describes in detail while Getten imbues the person's body with healing energy. Additionally, the session is audio recorded in its entirety and then an MP3 is sent to the client so that they can listen to what happened and continue to harness the healing energy.

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