Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

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Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

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Authority on Nostradamus and prophecy, John Hogue, revealed potential history-changing events coming in the second half of 2015 as this year may be the last chance to begin reforming monetary, economic, and political systems; otherwise, he believes that time is running out to avoid a disastrous future. Hogue sees the position of Saturn in Scorpio, as a kind of astrological divining rod for America's fate for the next 28-29 year cycle.

The chance for peace runs out by September 2015, but the signing of a treaty in June reining in Iran's nuclear program could be a significant move toward changing the destiny away from a new long war in the Middle East, he suggested. Otherwise, 2016 is a year of crisis and war, and year one "in what I would call Nostradamus' unraveling prophecy," in which he describes dire events triggered by or related to the Antichrist, said Hogue. This unraveling undermines civilization into a tremendous period of upheaval, he continued.

The current political system is polarized and corrupted and run by what he calls "The Under-Government"-- special monied interests, many of whom are offshore, that will give us the presidential candidates to choose from, namely Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. In ten years time, Hogue foresees the current form of political parties faltering and being boycotted, and the rise of new political communities fostered by social media. He also predicts that in the coming years people will be freed from the electronic grid, and get all the power they need from a box in their homes.

Project Merlin Update

First hour guest, futurist Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project, shared updates on current events and politicians based on Merlin's predictive timetrak technology. Bernie Saunders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, is on the verge of declaring his candidacy as a Democratic nominee for President, and based on his timetrak chart "he is going to give Hillary Clinton a run for her money," Guercio remarked. Regarding the Middle East, he sees a lowered tension rather than an escalated one, at least in respect to Iran and Israel. Past timetraks shared on the show: March 2015/April 2013

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Catherine Austin Fitts

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