Stories of the Strange & Unexplained

Stories of the Strange & Unexplained


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Jim Harold

With a life long interest in the paranormal, combined with his love of broadcasting and technology podcaster, Jim Harold shared some of his spookiest stories from the world of the strange and unexplained. Harold detailed the experiences a man named Lindsey had as a boy while visiting a friend at a house he had never been to before. While in the attic, Lindsey noticed a little girl with hair over her face standing alone in the corner, Harold reported. She did not respond to requests to play and when she moved it appeared like a jerky flipbook animation, he added. The girl eventually vanished and Lindsey and his friends realized they had been trying to play with a ghost, Harold said.

He recounted the story of a young record executive visited in her dreams by a musician who demanded his last recording be finished, as well as the supposed true account of a woman named Velma who received a call from her deceased grandfather. According to Velma, sometime after missing her grandfather's funeral the phone rang and a muffled voice sounding eerily similar to her grandfather's was on the other end. The voice called Velma by a unique family nickname, she hung up the phone, picked it up again and the voice was still there, Harold revealed. "She's absolutely sure it was [her grandfather]," he added.

Harold shared a creepy story from Australia about a young physician who had been confronted by the supernatural at the hospital where he worked. One evening the doctor heard a knock on his door and a voice calling out to come to an emergency. Upon investigation the physician found there was no one there and no emergency to attend to, Harold said, adding that a doctor next door also heard the knocks and voice. The next day a nurse told the young physician what he experienced has happened to others there since the hospital is haunted, Harold revealed.

Open Lines followed in the final hour of the program.

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