Cosmology, Prophecy, & Legends

Cosmology, Prophecy, & Legends


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsTom Horn, Cris Putnam, Roger Tolces

Researcher of ancient mythology and paranormal phenomena, Tom Horn, was joined by prophecy expert Cris Putnam to discuss their trip to the Vatican observatory, legends from Native Americans of a "time before time," and accounts of portals or gateways to another dimension. The two traveled to the Mt. Graham Observatory in Arizona, where Vatican astronomers operate a telescope. Horn mentioned that Father Malachi Martin alleged on Coast to Coast in 1997 that the Vatican was aware that something was approaching the Earth. The LUCIFER device, an infrared instrument used with the Observatory's Large Binocular Telescope, can view deeper into space, and might be looking for the mysterious object Martin warned about, Horn suggested.

The Vatican may be searching for a kind of portal in space, and there's also a lot of prophecy about a great comet appearing before 'End Times,' Putnam remarked. The fact that the Vatican has ramped up their discussion about aliens and alien life, and how the discovery of ET life should be handled is a further indication that they may be aware of something, Horn conjectured. Interestingly, the astronomers at Mt. Graham talked about UFOs openly, and how objects that could be armadas of ships sometimes temporarily obscure their astronomical targets, Horn revealed.

The two met with a Navajo Nation medicine man, Dr. Don Mose Jr., who told them some of the oldest legends of the Anasazi ("Ancient Ones," thought to be ancestors of the Pueblo Indians). He spoke of a portal that opened in the Four Corners area, and how a "reptilian deceiver" came through and taught people sorcery, and witchcraft to open further doorways. The Indians went to their kivas, Horn recounted, and used these techniques to access an underworld universe, but then cannibalistic giants started "erupting out of the Earth" and ended up destroying the Anasazi. The experiments going on at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider involve spinning vortexes, and could be involved in finding or opening interdimensional portals, Horn added. For more, check out their new book trailer.

Invasive Radar Technology

First hour guest, private investigator Roger Tolces, who specializes in electronic countermeasures, reported on a new potentially invasive radar technology that allows law enforcement to peer through walls, and inside homes. The radar device, placed against a wall, lets operators see individuals as far back as 50 ft. into a home, he detailed. Further, when the technology is combined with drones, it can be used to literally peer down into a house. While law enforcement can't legally use the radar without a search warrant, Tolces expressed concern about the weakening of our constitutional rights, and specifically the right to privacy in one's home.

News segment guests: Cathryn Switzer, Steve Kates



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