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Chemtrails/ ET Abduction

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In the first half, independent researcher Peter A. Kirby spoke about chemtrails, a covert program of aerosol geoengineering. The spraying of our skies appears to be related to weather modification, and Rear Admiral Luis de Florez advocated all the way back in 1961 making weather control as important in scope as the Manhattan Project, which produced the first A bomb, Kirby recounted. Various published patents show how aerosols placed in the atmosphere can be manipulated in order to modify the weather, he continued. Chemtrail spraying is largely done now by drones that are flown remotely, as pilots have become a liability, he asserted.

As evidence for the spraying, he cited massive amounts of aluminum and barium showing up in rainwater samples taken from around the world. Rather than the spraying being used to combat global warming, he believes a more sinister agenda, conducted by a rogue faction of the military, is afoot. For instance, the epic drought in California could be caused by chemtrails, in order to bankrupt farmers and then have monied interests buy up the farmlands, he suggested. Yet, Kirby believes that the chemtrails progam may be coming to an end due to a military incident in October 2013 allegedly involving nuclear devices near Charleston, SC. In the aftermath of this event, certain elements will be purged from the military, including those who run the chemtrails program, he predicted. For more, check out Kirby's paper, Chemtrails Exposed, on Activist Post.


For 25 years Robert Perala has been researching metaphysics, the origin of the soul, Earth-based anomalies, extraterrestrial science, and NDEs. In the latter half, he discussed a variety of subjects including his own ET abduction experience, as well as his activism against the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In December 1977, while staying in Lake Tahoe, as a violent lightning storm was taking place, his room was suddenly inhabited by three 8-ft. tall space-suited figures (they closely resembled the photo of an ET figure taken by Jeff Grenshaw in 1973). When he started screaming, he was placed in a blue bubble and the side of the house fell away, and he found himself being transported in a wormhole-like tunnel.

Perala was suddenly in a spherical room facing a glass obelisk, then quickly hurled back, lowered onto his bed. The faces of the ETs were covered by visors, and they had orange antennas. Later, he discovered he was badly sunburned and his body was covered in a honey-like oil. In 1978, he shared his story at a UFO convention, where J. Allen Hynek recorded his testimony, as William Shatner listened in. Perala also talked about his research into the nature of the soul, as well as working with Daniel Sheehan and the Romero Institute to create a "Constitution Protection Zone" for Santa Cruz County in response to the NDAA, which they believe curtails citizens' rights.

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